Aug 15, 2014



There are more than 50 load boards that are variations of the same thing. Find loads. Find freight.

Itʼs a continuous series of one night stands. There are lots of relationships to choose, but after the thrill of the first load the relationships typically go nowhere.

There is only one Community Load Board, Sylectus. Itʼs built on lasting relationships. You have to work the community to build the trust and gain the respect needed to become a valued partner. The number of relationship opportunities at first are more modest, but the longer term payoffs are immense. They include:

  1. More profitability – many transactions turn into long lasting relationships. So, you spend less time creating relationships that never last and more time nurturing relationships that continuously generate wealth.
  2. Greater efficiency – minimal paperwork or telephone calls. Loads are shared electronically between Sylectus members as if they were part of the same company. You decide which Sylectus members you want to do business with.
  3. Higher customer satisfaction – customers seamlessly track each load as if it were completely managed by your company. You have the power to say 'yes' to every customer opportunity.
  4. Low risk – the Sylectus Community Load Board is protected. Each customer is screened and continuously scrutinized. Shady business practicers donʼt last.

One night stands are shallow. Get relationships you deserve with Sylectus.

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