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Feb 14, 2017


Tara Cellinese

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day of the year when it’s okay to open up to others and tell them how you feel about them. Assuming those feelings are positive, of course. 

In that spirit, we have something to say to the trucking industry. We love you.

Sure, you may hear that all the time. After all, it’s a pretty great industry. But we really mean it, and we have proof. Why else would so many of the people at Omnitracs spend most, if not all of their career in the industry? A few of them wanted to tell you personally why they’ve made that commitment.

Jacqueline Christmas, Sales Representative 
More than 25 years in the industry

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the transportation industry for over 25 years. Ten of those years were as a driver of heavy equipment and a dedicated long-haul driver. The remainder have been in customer support roles. There really is nothing like being behind a wheel and heading down the road, delivering the goods. If it wasn’t for the hard work of drivers, there would be nothing on the store shelves, and, as an employee of Omnitracs, I’m part of that legacy. 

Matthew Vesey, Strategic Practice Consultant
15 years in the industry   
The transportation sector is one of the few industries that affects everyone. Before the next big widget can be manufactured, transportation has already played a critical role. The laptop that designed the widget was delivered by transportation. The materials used for the mock-up was delivered by transportation. The materials used to build the warehouse, that was handled by transportation, too.

Another thing that makes the industry so interesting is the pace of change. It’s constantly evolving. Some of these evolutions happened years ago: software to reduce delivery miles, fuel consumption, and carbon footprint. Telematics devices can provide 24/7 vehicle location reporting and travel speed, or smart phones can provide navigation, electronic delivery receipt, and notifications. Other technologies, such as drone delivery and self-driving delivery vehicles, are actively being tested and vetted by transportation industry leaders. 

Maybe most importantly are the people who choose the transportation industry as their profession. It is amazing the diverse backgrounds that exist within transportation. It’s not uncommon to collaborate with a CFO who is an Ivy League graduate and then also work with an Operations Director who began as a warehouse employee. Members of the transportation industry are some of the hardest working individuals around. We understand that long days and weekend work come with the territory. All so that next big widget can make it to the consumer’s front door quickly and efficiently. 

Andrea Paschall, Client Experience Representative 
5 years in the industry

I love the trucking industry because it allows me to work with a very diverse group of people. One moment I may be meeting with a CEO, and the next minute meeting with a truck driver. I like that I get to work with people from all different types of backgrounds. I believe trucking is a world of full underdogs, in that it’s an underappreciated job. Truck drivers are unsung heroes that help make the world go around.

Joe Ohr, Senior Operations Director
17 years in the industry

Trucking is critical to our livelihood, and we could not function without the trucking industry.  When we go to the grocery store, the food on the shelves is there because of trucking.  When we go to purchase almost any goods, the shelves are stocked from trucks. There are long-haul drivers who get it to distribution centers and short-haul drivers that deliver it to the stores. There are trucks that carry weapons that protect us. Every aspect of our lives are impacted directly or indirectly by trucking. It puts food on our table, clothes on our backs, and protects us.

Working at Omnitracs, we make a difference for an industry that’s so critical. We help drivers know when it is okay to drive, how to get to their destinations, and what to pick up and drop off. We do all of that while keeping the driver safe. We give the ability to dispatchers to communicate with drivers and know where they are. I like working as part of operations, because we get to make sure this is all working for the driver. It is exciting to be part of an industry that continues to evolve.

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