Asset Management

Asset Management

Do you know where your trailers, trucks, and cargo are? To operate efficiently and profitably, your company needs to know the location of your trailers and cargo at all times. To make the most of your assets, you must know if your trailers are in transit, sitting unused, and whether they are loaded or empty.

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Asset Management

To keep track of your trailers and their status, you need timely and detailed information: where they are located and whether they are loaded or empty. Without this information, your company's productivity, efficiency, and customer service will be adversely affected. To help you meet this challenge, Omnitracs offers its asset management solution, designed to track the location and status of your trailers, monitor the condition of your vehicles, and monitor the status of deliveries.

Improved trailer visibility and cargo safety–Omnitracs' Trailer Tracks 210 (TT210)* platform delivers timely and accurate information about the location and status of your trailers. In near real-time, you will be able to see where your trailers are in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, and whether they are connected to or disconnected from the tractor. You will be able to see whether they are loaded or unloaded, track trailer drops at unauthorized locations, or monitor unauthorized use for storage. You can also increase productivity by optimizing trailer utilization and trailer pool inventory and creating valuable reports for operations and planning. With increased driver and tractor productivity and accurate and timely information, you can improve customer service.

Our TT210 platform also offers you enhanced tracking and maintenance capabilities through alliances and integration with leading third-party providers. The FreightWatch Geo F1 portable, assisted-GPS tracker and the Geo F2 covert tracker allow you to locate your cargo quickly and easily. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and are easy to configure remotely. The StarTrak ReeferTrak® system allows you to set and adjust temperatures on refrigerated trailers remotely.

Improved vehicle maintenance and safety–In addition to knowing where your trailers are, it's important that you know that they are well maintained. Omnitracs' Fault Monitoring and Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) applications help you monitor the condition of your vehicles and trailers and prevent expensive breakdowns. Vehicle Maintenance monitors the most common engine fault codes, provides near real-time alerts when fault codes have been generated, and allows you to diagnose and proactively take action. VIR allows your drivers to complete accurate driver inspection reports (DVIRs) for both vehicles and trailers easily to ensure vehicle safety and compliance with FMCSA requirements.

You can rely on our asset management solution to help you improve trailer visibility, cargo safety, vehicle safety, and delivery verification. In addition to these benefits, the TT210 platform can help you reduce overall operating costs, increase back office efficiency, increase dispatcher productivity, and improve customer service. You don't need an IT department to install our applications. Omnitracs offers you Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – software that is deployed over the Internet.


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