Enhanced Customer Service & Productivity

Enhanced Customer Service & Productivity

To keep your fleet operating efficiently and profitably, you need to make the best use of your resources, and make the best decisions and plans, even with many unknown factors. You need to increase on-time deliveries to your existing customers and attract and retain even more customers with excellent service. How do you accomplish this?

To help you operate efficiently and make the best decisions for your company, Omnitracs offers its productivity and enhanced customer service solution. At Omnitracs, we understand your need for immediate access to information so you can monitor operations, analyze data, and plan ahead. By making the right decisions, you can improve performance throughout your fleet and improve customer service and satisfaction.

Improved performance and customer service–We've designed our suite of applications to help your fleet better manage critical operations such as workflow, routing, driver hours and training, and proof of delivery. Omnitracs' applications, such as In-Cab Navigation, are integrated with the MCP50, MCP110 and MCP200 in-motion user interface and the text-to-speech capability, so that your drivers can follow turn-by-turn directions without taking their eyes off the road. By following the safest and most efficient routes, your drivers can improve delivery time and customer satisfaction. Our Driver Workflow application integrates with dispatch systems to increase efficiency by automating functions such as load assignments and work process forms. With In-Cab Training, your drivers receive training when and where they need it. This flexibility means less time away from home for drivers, a major source of dissatisfaction, and less cost for your company.

Good decisions with a powerful analytical tool–In addition to helping you manage your fleet efficiently, Omnitracs' powerful analytical tools can help you gather and analyze data so that you can continue to improve productivity and customer service. Analytics Manager provides a core set of analytics and visual tools that turn data into information you can use to help improve safety, compliance, fuel management, and overall efficiency. 

You can rely on our complete solution to help you increase productivity and customer service. Our integrated suite of applications can help you to manage your fleet efficiently, make the best decisions, plan ahead, and provide excellent customer service. Our technology and support have been ahead of the curve and helping companies like yours for more than 25 years. You don't need an IT department to install our applications. Omnitracs offers you Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – software that is deployed over the Internet.

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