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As a fleet manager, you face many challenges. At the core of these challenges, your focus is to ensure that your fleet’s productivity increases while minimizing risk and ensuring safety for everyone on the road.


So how do you ensure you are recruiting the best driver talent for your operation? How do you retain those drivers who have been with your company and are highly productive? How do you foster a relationship with your drivers and let them know that you care about their safety? Do you know who in your fleet is most likely to have the next accident? What if you did?

To help you meet these challenges, Omnitracs Analytics, a business unit of Omnitracs, is a pioneer in providing predictive modeling solutions to the trucking industry. At Omnitracs Analytics, we believe that Accidents Don’t Happen By Accident™. Behavioral trends exist and can be found in every trucking fleet’s daily operational data. With the use of predictive modeling, Omnitracs Analytics can identify those drivers that may cause your fleet to be most at risk.

Over a period of 90 days, you will witness the accuracy of Omnitracs Analytics products and services by comparing the actual events that occurred in your fleet versus the predicted events from the predictive models.

How Omnitracs Analytics Makes It Happen:

  • Data Assessment and Extraction – Omnitracs Analytics begins by meeting with your Safety, Operations and IT teams to help identify the various data files in your system from the past three years that will be used in building a predictive model to help your operation see the areas that are most at risk.
  • Data and Initial Model Reviews – Once data is extracted, Omnitracs Analytics meets with your teams to verify all data obtained is accurate and complete. Once the initial model has been created, Omnitracs Analytics and your team convene to understand which areas are showing to be the most predictive in your operation and therefore may be the most at risk for your operation.
  • Final Model Review – At the final model review, Omnitracs Analytics compares all predictive findings from our mathematical models and together with your team will verify the accuracy of the actual events of your fleet versus the predicted events from the Omnitracs Analytics predictive models. This “blind validation” is what separates Omnitracs Analytics' predictive modeling from any other method of looking at operational and driver trends.
  • Production – Once your team is using Omnitracs Analytics’ predictive modeling to improve productivity, minimize risk and increase safety, your fleet managers will be able to increase their communication with their drivers by implementing the remediation tools provided in The Driving Center™. The Driving Center is a customized portal that hosts a range of data including:
    • All predictive model scores
    • CSA data
    • Hours of Service data
    • Critical events, hard-braking, and over-speeding
    • Recommended driver remediation
    • Coaching scripts to facilitate the driver to driver-manager discussion
    • Automated audit process to ensure your driver and safety managers "close out" the prescribed remediation generated by the various models and applications

Join the many successful transportation companies who have already seen dramatic improvements in safety and productivity. Just six months after implementing FRA’s fatigue management, driver performance, and data aggregation and analytics program, C.R. England, one of the nation's leading transportation companies, reduced preventable accidents by 15% across the company. C.R. England drivers who participated in the program had 53% fewer severe accidents than those who didn't participate. Dupré Transport reduced accidents by 35% and severe accidents by 81% after implementing a similar program. They also decreased driver turnover by 49% and increased productivity by 12%. According to Reggie Dupré, CEO:

Over the years our management team has spent countless hours running reports and analyzing data searching for the information we need to run a safer fleet. FleetRisk Advisors has been able to give us a window into our operations that we have not had before. As one of the safest fleets in our industry, we know the value of constantly improving operations and mitigating risks. This partnership helps us continue to improve, even when the low hanging fruit is gone.

To learn more about what Omnitracs Analytics can do for your company, visit www.fleetriskadvisors.com.

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