Fuel Management

Fuel Management

To keep your fleet operating profitably, managing fuel costs is one of your top priorities. This isn't easy with today's fluctuating fuel prices and taxes. In 2008, the trucking industry spent $148.2 billion on fuel. To keep fuel costs down, you must identify and correct the leading cause of high fuel consumption: poor driving behaviors. How do you do this?

You can rely on our fuel management solutions to help you keep fuel costs down and profits up. We've designed our suite of applications to help fleets like yours better manage fuel consumption, vehicle and driver performance, and fuel tax reporting. At Omnitracs, we understand your need to identify specific driver behaviors to correct bad habits and distinguish driving inefficiency from poor vehicle performance. Omnitracs has been leading the way in the telematics industry for 25 years. Berg Insight ranks Omnitracs, LLC as the largest provider of fleet management solutions in the Americas, with an estimated total active installed base of 350,000 units in the region.

Our fuel management applications can help you identify the least efficient drivers so you can take steps to correct their behavior quickly and encourage good driving.

Our applications work together to help you monitor fuel costs and analyze fuel trends. With the Omnitracs fuel management solutions, you can:

  • Track vehicle and driver performance and prepare detailed reports for assessing the financial impact.
  • Provide drivers with more fuel-efficient routes.
  • Pull together critical data into analytical and visual tools you can use to make the best decisions about fuel management, as well as safety, compliance, and overall efficiency.
  • Generate reports and scorecards on how drivers are contributing to fuel costs.

Through alliances with leading third-party providers, we are able to deliver cost-effective and turnkey solutions to help you meet your needs. For example: In-Cab Navigation with ALK® and Telogis®. By working with best third-party providers, we offer you many benefits, including guidance on route planning and reduction in out-of-route miles due to navigation.

One trucking company at the forefront of technology and fuel consumption management is Southern Tank Transportation, Inc., which added Fuel Management to their Mobile Computing Platform. With Fuel Manager, Southern Tank was able to monitor the performance of each driver and terminal, as well as their overall performance as a company. According to Ed Dockweiler, Southern Tank’s Director of Logistics:

We attribute our increased MPG directly to the data and reports queried from Fuel Manager and our immediate action that led to decreasing the driver behaviors that were contributing to poor fuel consumption.

As a pioneer in our industry, we work with fleets small and large and all in between. We'll help you meet your fuel management requirements quickly and accurately with the best solution through our applications and platforms.

Check out our "Don't Be Fuelish" - The Ultimate Guide to Lowering Fleet Fuel Costs.

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