Lowering Operational Costs

Lowering Operational Costs

To keep your fleet ahead on the road today, you need to keep operating costs down. This is not easy with fluctuating fuel prices, increased competition, customer satisfaction demands, and more complex requirements for safety monitoring and compliance. How do you meet the challenge of keeping costs down while still operating efficiently?

At Omnitracs we have been helping transportation companies operate efficiently for more than 25 years. We understand the many issues facing fleets today. Fuel prices are unpredictable. Competition is fierce and customers expect excellent service. There are more rigorous federal and state regulations to meet, including the monitoring of drivers' hours and a reduction in the number of hours allowed under certain conditions. You need to meet all these challenges, yet still keep costs down without sacrificing efficiency, customer service, or safety.

To reduce costs, you need to focus on improving fuel consumption, trip planning and customer service, and safety. With the help of Omnitracs' suite of platforms and applications, you will be able to do all this and more.

Improved fuel consumption–Our fuel management application helps you monitor the behaviors that affect fuel consumption. While a variety of factors, including vehicles, road conditions, weather, and routes can affect fuel consumption, it is driver behavior (such as idling, speeding, hard braking) that can increase fuel consumption more than any other factor. Performance Monitoring with Fuel Manager allows you to track vehicle and driver performance and assess the financial impact.

After installing Performance Monitoring, carriers such as Davis Transfer and Southern Tank Transport have dramatically improved fuel consumption. Davis Transfer increased their MPG from 6.1 to 6.8 and reduced idling from 50 to 45 percent. Southern Tank increased their MPG from 5.74 to 6.05. According to Ed Dockweiler, Southern Tank director of logistics:

Fuel Manager has exceeded our expectations. It has given us the kind of actionable information we need to better monitor and manage driver and vehicle behavior, which allows us to be proactive in our efforts to reduce fuel consumption and expenses.

Improved trip planning–Our dynamic Trip Manager application allows you to plan more efficient routes and keep track of drivers. Hours of Service, integrated with dispatch software, allows you to improve load planning and customer service.

Safer driving, lower insurance premiums– With our integrated applications, you and your drivers have immediate access to information about safety behaviors and risks. Critical Event Reporting, Performance Monitoring and Predictive Performance Service allow you to identify and improve drivers most at risk for unsafe driving and CSA violations to reduce accident frequency and severity. Critical Event Reporting, Performance Monitoring, and Vehicle Inspection Report allow you to monitor driver behavior and vehicle conditions. Omnitracs' applications, such as In-Cab Navigation, are integrated with the MCP50, MCP110 and MCP200 in-motion user interface and text-to-speech capability, so that your drivers can follow turn-by-turn directions without taking their eyes off the road. The safer your drivers, the lower your accident rate, and the lower your insurance premiums.

You can rely on our complete solution. With our complete solution, we make it easier for you to meet the many challenges facing your company today, including running efficiently and profitably while keeping costs down. You don't need an IT department to install our applications. Omnitracs offers you Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – software that is deployed over the Internet.

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