Private Fleet

Private Fleet

The road ahead is a challenging one for private fleets.
To bring value to your company, you must manage costs without sacrificing productivity. You know that good fleet management requires reducing fuel costs, improving CSA-compliance, managing driver hours, planning routes and maintaining vehicles. How do you accomplish these goals and deliver outstanding customer service?

To help manage costs without sacrificing productivity, you can rely on our solutions for private fleets. With 180 private fleet customers, we've designed our suite of applications to help private fleets better manage workflow, routes, driver hours, vehicle maintenance, inspection reports, delivery assignments and CSA compliance. At Omnitracs, we understand you need to keep costs down in ways that benefit your entire company. Omnitracs LLC, a has been leading the way in the telematics industry for over 25 years. Berg Insight ranks Omnitracs, LLC, as the largest provider of fleet management solutions in the Americas, with an estimated total active installed base of 350,000 units in the region. With our "one-stop-shop" approach, we provide you with affordable tools to help you keep costs down and profits up.

With a private fleet, complex scheduling and routing issues also fall into the operator's lap. Technology can help companies like yours cope with these concerns. Global Positioning Systems and route management software can help your company boost efficiency and cut costs while gaining valuable insight into your operations.

Not only are our applications cost-effective, they are designed to work efficiently with each other and with your existing systems. Our Private Fleet solutions can:

  • Access the information you need to help you manage compliance and safety, keep track of driver hours, and monitor EOBR inspection reports.
  • Take advantage of the in-depth analysis developed by FleetRisk Advisors, an Omnitracs business unit, to help you identify drivers, vehicles, and schedules that are most likely to result in an accident.
  • Implement proactive driver remediation programs that help prevent accidents.
  • Work with your drivers to manage CSA Basics and help prevent issues before they happen.
  • Manage inventory levels accurately, efficiently and more dynamically based on need, to help you reduce inventory levels.

At Omnitracs, we understand that private fleet companies differ from for-hire fleets or other fleet types because you provide your drivers incentives to reduce fuel consumption by operating their trucks with fuel-management practices in mind.

Our Analytics Manager application provides tools and reports to help you proactively manage your fleet's performance. These tools and reports allow you to set benchmarks in different performance areas to help enable your fleet to reach its goals, whether it's less accidents or reducing fuel consumption.

You don't need an IT department. Omnitracs offers you Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions – software that is deployed over the Internet. All you need to get started is an Internet connection and a web browser. Our technical and professional services teams can help with assessment, integration, custom development and programming, training, business intelligence, and predictive modeling.

The best return on your investment is being able to reduce operational costs without sacrificing productivity, safety, or driver or customer satisfaction. We can help you achieve these objectives through our leading-edge management tools.

As a pioneer in our industry, we work with fleets small and large and all in between. We make sure our experience and expertise help you meet your best practices requirements quickly and accurately with the best solution through our applications and platforms.

Put our private fleet solutions to work today! 

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