Keeping your fleet moving forward in the new trucking economy requires the vision to adopt a new approach to fleet management by sharing resources. With this new technology, you have the ability to join the many trucking companies that are benefitting from a new, revenue-increasing approach: Sylectus, trucking's most powerful network.

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Sylectus, a business unit of Omnitracs, delivers advanced transportation management software (TMS) for smaller, progressive fleets. Our “cloud based” (SaaS) dispatch, billing and brokerage solutions include Virtual Fleet, Fleet Vision and Carrier Vision, which offer a unique value proposition to smaller fleets navigating the increasingly stringent business and regulatory environment. It's the only web-based, protected network where hundreds of competing companies collaborate to share thousands of trucks, manage operations, and create wealth by taking advantage of every customer opportunity. By focusing on sharing resources within the Sylectus web-based network, your company works with the competition instead of against it – and everybody wins. With the Sylectus software, you gain access to the information and opportunities you need to gain extra loads.

At Sylectus, we understand the challenges facing smaller fleets today, including rising fuel costs, changing safety regulations, increased competition, and economic uncertainty. Our web-based applications are designed to work together efficiently with your in-cab fleet management system to provide access to the load, vehicle, and driver information you need to help you utilize your fleet effectively.

The Sylectus network helps you find and post loads, increase driver paid miles, manage compliance, improve trip planning, and automate billing and fuel change reporting. You won't need an IT department: our solution packages are easy-to-install software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, deployed over the Internet or behind a firewall on a local area network. All you need to get started is an Internet connection and a web browser and you'll be up and running in no time.

With Sylectus, not only will you have instant visibility within the network, you'll have access to shipping and tracking data within your community. According to John Elliott, CEO of Load One, this data integration is the key to his company's success:

We are one of the ten largest expediters in the U.S. Omnitracs and Sylectus are two major contributors to that fact. For us, integration is everything. The real return on investment is being able to integrate as much data as possible.

According to Mr. Elliott:

It has allowed us to leverage a powerful combination of technology and connectivity to provide us a competitive edge in the market. It has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

ProEx Logistics, LLC, also benefitted from the Sylectus network after the system paid for itself in one week. Over the first five years, more trucks were added as more opportunities were landed and more wealth was created. ProEx Logistics has generated $1 million per year in additional revenue solely from the Sylectus Network. According to ProEx Logistics President, Robert Metro:

Saving time and money, it is truly the best software investment I've made. Truly a Revolutionary Back Office Network.

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