Easy-to-adopt, cost-effective...
your fleet’s compliance and safety solution.

At Omnitracs, we have the experience to help you meet the challenges we know you face. Our Mobile Computing Platform 50 is a safety-focused, cost-effective solution that can help you monitor and manage your fleet's safety and regulatory compliance and keep your fleet on the road. Your company can realize other operational benefits, such as improved fuel management, and increased transportation efficiency. And you'll know where your trucks are, all the time.

Improve how you monitor and manage safety and compliance. Track assets, monitor driver behaviors, improve fleet efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Manage CSA requirements.

Become compliant with the FMCSA regulations on driver hours. Improve performance related to the CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) scoring methodology.

Manage your fleet’s safety.
Critical Event Reporting helps you identify and respond to unsafe driving behaviors to proactively manage the safety behavior of your drivers.


Increase visibility to your fleet.

Monitor your vehicles’ locations with fleet tracking and landmark management. Enhance driver productivity with the ability to send and receive two-way information exchanges in near real-time.

Install and adopt quickly and easily.

The MCP50 is easy to install and intuitive for your drivers.  


Improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Experience how mobile computing can streamline your operations and reduce costs.



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Download the Star Transport MCP50 case study

Download the Harris Trucking MCP50 case study

Download the R&M Transportation MCP50 case study

Our richly featured MCP50 is designed with effective, two-way information delivery and value-added applications your fleet requires. The hardware components are easy to install within an hour in the cab and include:


Display Interface Unit 50 (DIU50)

The DIU50 has a color, touch-screen, high-resolution 7” display, a WinCE 6.0 core operating system, and can run multiple applications simultaneously. It can be holstered or dash-mounted and has an integrated speaker.


Vehicle Telematics Modem 50 (VTM50)

The VTM50 provides vehicle data bus connectivity, digital I/O, position determination, wireless connectivity, and display support capabilities.


Terrestrial Antenna

The antenna is lightweight and rugged in design, transmits over a CDMA cellular network, and supports active GPS.



Download brochure

Download the Star Transport MCP50 case study

Download the Harris Trucking MCP50 case study

Download the R&M Transportation MCP50 case study

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    • MCP50 - Low Cost Fleet Management Solution

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    Learn how our new low-cost, easy-to-adopt fleet management solution helps fleets meet compliance and safety needs.

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MCP50: Low Cost Fleet Management Solution
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