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Dave Kraft (29)

ELDs and EOBRs – Redux

A couple years ago I did a blog post titled: “ELDs and EOBRs – What’s the Difference?” I suggested that: “an electronic logging device (ELD) was the latest term and according to some reports that they are not only better than electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) but they cost less. That’s progress!” However, I also noted that there was no basis for that claim and even the origin of the ELD term was in question at that time. Well, things have changed and we now need to embrace “ELD” as a new term for electronic driver logs.

An Update on CSA

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about “CSA – A Work in Progress” and now I thought an update might be in order. Previously, I reported that FMCSA initiated a CSA subcommittee with the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) to address the issues being considered with CSA and its Safety Measurement System (SMS) ratings of carriers. The CSA subcommittee includes some members from MCSAC as well as other representatives from industry, safety groups, and enforcement. In April 2013, the CSA subcommittee submitted its initial report that identified some key priorities related to improving CSA and the SMS rating approach. It should be noted that no quick fixes to the issues were raised, and some recommendations mightrequire more analysis and research as well as considerable time to implement.

How Much Technology Is Too Much?

How can we most effectively pinpoint and integrate the right technology to fit our unique operational needs?

EOBRs – The Imperative Before the Mandate

While an FMCSA rulemaking for an EOBR mandate may still be a few years away from taking effect, there is much to be gained in using these systems now.

Qualcomm Webinar - 2013 Regulatory Agenda: A Look Ahead

Hours of service changes, Safety Measurement System changes, CSA program evaluation, the EOBR mandate, and requirements for FMCSA rulemaking

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