Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere: GPS Fleet Tracking

Real-time Fleet Tracking, Where and When It’s Needed

Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere is an easy-to-use, web-based GPS fleet tracking application providing real-time views of the day's events. Managers no longer have to be tied to their desks to know where workers are and what’s happening with their vehicles. Our fleet tracking app makes this information available on the go, via smartphone, tablet, or a computer. As a result, managers can make actionable decisions wherever they are, ensuring their fleets are operating as needed and according to plan.


Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere's GPS fleet management software capabilities allow managers to identify problematic driver behavior, which can cost the company time and money. It also features a daily timeline that makes it easy to visualize the day's events at a glance. The application's interface is intuitive and simple to install, so managers can start leveraging its data and improving productivity sooner.

What truly sets this GPS fleet tracking app apart is the ability to proactively manage by exception through automated alerts. Exceptions can be configured to match your business model and include:

  • Stationary Too Long
  • Speeding
  • Out of Contact
  • Late GPS
  • GPS Gaps

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Benefits of Roadnet Anywhere GPS Fleet Tracking

Get Real Time Location Info

Answer the “Where’s my Truck?” question in seconds with access to data in real time.

Leverage GPS Playback

Coach drivers that run extra miles or make unplanned stops with real data.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Identify undesirable driver behavior such as speeding, stopping too long, or being out of contact with the office.

Collect the Data You Need

Customize your fleet tracking solution with exceptions that are specific to your business model.

Roadnet Anywhere has already paid for itself 100x over.

Matt Baranowski
Logistics Manager, Baystate Wine & Spirits

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