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Driver safety, satisfaction, and productivity are serious business for transportation companies that want to lead the pack. Our Predictive Performance Service (PPS) arms you with the information you need to identify factors that impact performance areas such as safety. You can focus on the most critical risk factors and highest risk drivers and implement programs to help identify risk exposure, prevent accidents, and retain drivers.

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State-of-the-art predictive modeling

Predictive modeling with our Predictive Performance Service can help you gain tighter control of your company’s future. Experience these benefits:

Lower risk exposure.

Save costs and resources by reducing the frequency and severity of accidents.

  • Armed with predictive data that helps you identify risk exposure, you can implement proactive programs to prevent accidents.
  • PPS transforms your fleet’s data into actionable information that helps you focus on the most critical risk factors and highest risk drivers.

Increase driver satisfaction and productivity.

  • Use the unique and detailed information PPS provides about drivers’ behaviors and life-situations to help improve employee relations and communication.
  • Increase the overall job satisfaction and performance of your drivers.

Improve fleet efficiency by reducing driver fatigue and increasing retention.

  • Isolate fatigue-related symptoms of your drivers, which cause a large percentage of accidents in the trucking industry.


Predictive Performance Service is available to customers using the following Omnitracs platforms:


FleetRisk Advisors: Pioneering Predictive Analytics in the Transportation industry

A pioneer in applying predictive analytics and remediation solutions to the transportation industry, FleetRisk Advisors has been assisting clients in reducing accidents and worker’s compensation claims, improving productivity and driver retention, and streamlining the driver recruiting process since 2005. Because a surprisingly consistent set of behaviors lead to events such as preventable accidents or voluntary terminations; FleetRisk Advisors builds predictive models to help fleets identify these patterns, accurately predict near-future events and recommend remediation actions to prevent them. FleetRisk Advisors, an business unit of Omnitracs, is a leading provider of integrated wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics companies. To learn more about how FleetRisk Advisors can assist your company, please visit us on the web at or send us an email at

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