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Productivity and efficiency are key to driving your business forward.

Productivity is driven by information, the ability to see and to manage what’s happening on the road as well as in the office. Omnitracs' productivity applications help provide valuable insight into assets, drivers, managers, customers, and more. Keep drivers focused on customer interactions.

Keep vehicles at peak efficiency through asset and diagnostic solutions — and measure overall performance of drivers to assure expected productivity gains. Enhance and improve customer service through delivery status and proactive notifications.

Omnitracs’ productivity solutions allow your drivers and vehicles to operate at a higher capacity, enabling more effective fleet decisions and greater levels of operational success.

Messaging that Fits Your Business

Transportation touches every single industry. Because of this diversity, even transportation companies serving the same industries don’t have the same standard operating procedures (SOPs). To manage this diversity, we offer customized macro messaging and workflow inside the cab and outside the cab, allowing staff to track completed tasks in near real time, and collect the information you need for your business. Learn More

Critical Insight via Asset Tracking

Tracking is more than just GPS asset tracking — it’s insight into where your vehicles, drivers, service techs, and sales people are in near real time. Which locations and clients were visited, and did they meet customer commitments? Find out how your team is actually performing relative to plan. Learn More

Automate Your Processes

With high driver turnover across the industry, it can be difficult to get your team trained on your company’s custom SOPs. We provide the tools necessary to train your drivers and minimize deviations from your SOPs. Present drivers with an ordered workflow, complete with exception management, type checking, automatic arrival and departure, and more. Our structured solutions are designed to minimize process errors, ensuring your drivers perform the right activities at the right time. Learn More

Manage Performance

Actual vs. Plan (AvP) Tracking and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are great tools, but what about the harder-to-find data regarding performance, costs, customer satisfaction, safety, and much more? Whether you want to monitor speeding, harsh braking, vehicle health, missed time windows, out-of-route miles, or deliveries that are delayed, short, over, or damaged — our solutions allow you to easily monitor and alert on exceptions for the metrics that are most important to you and the business. Learn More


Truck repairs are significant and costly to your operation. Remotely monitor fault codes, assess severity, and take appropriate action at the right time to keep your trucks and trailers rolling. Learn More

Trailer Technologies

Trailers represent a significant investment from your organization. We provide the technologies necessary to optimize your trailer fleet — and tracking is just the start. Manage trailer pools, find lost trailers, monitor drop and hook activity, determine if a trailer is empty, monitor various refrigerated unit parameters, monitor trailer tire inflation, and more. Learn More

Tire Management

Maintaining tire health is critical to your business’ desire to enhance safety and lower operating costs. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to preventive safety measures. Monitoring tire pressure and temperature is important in predicting tire failures. Prevent blowouts and you reduce downtime — it’s as simple as that. As an added bonus, operating your tires at the optimal pressure impacts fuel efficiency, directly impacting your bottom line. Learn More

Customer Service Notifications

Customer expectations and their need for immediate information has grown exponentially over the past decade, thanks in part to the proliferation of smartphones, constant internet access, and increased ease in making online purchases. Today’s clients crave details on when and where their deliveries are, if there is a delay, who signed for a delivery, and more. We combine world-class planning, dispatching, and near real-time tracking technologies to offer client updates — whether through web interface or email/text/voice messaging to keep customers in the know. These alerting technologies can be a real competitive advantage, helping fleets gain new customers — and retain current customers. Learn More

We saw our stops per hour increase about 3% and our MPG increase 7.7% as a result of using Omnitracs technology.

Anthony Rocco
Vice President of Operations, Dayton Freight Lines

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