Tire Management

Extend the life of your tires with Tire Pressure Monitoring and Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts.

Today, more and more fleets are realizing the benefits of proactive tire maintenance, including improved safety, lower operational costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. As part of our Vehicle Diagnostics suite, Omnitracs offers two applications—Tire Pressure Monitoring and Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts—to provide your fleet with near real-time notifications of events that affect the health of your tires.

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Our tire management applications can help you extend the life of your tires, reduce expenses and prevent accidents caused by improper tire care.


Tire Pressure Monitoring

  • Integrates Omnitracs’ Mobile Computing Platforms (MCPs) with supported tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Provides near real-time visibility of tractor and trailer tire conditions, including under inflation and over inflation, as defined by supported tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Displays a graphical tire health indicator on the MCP and the host user interface that color codes the severity levels of active tire issues
  • Allows drivers to view available data on the graphical tire health indicator, such as current tire pressure, temperature, location, and time of last measurement
  • Offers the ability to send configurable alerts with tire details to drivers via the MCP, and to company personnel through the host software, SMS, and email
  • Enables the back office to receive periodic tire status updates and view graphs depicting historical occurrences of tire pressure events


Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts

  • Integrates Omnitracs’ MCPs with supported trailer tire inflation systems
  • Delivers near real-time notifications via web services to the back office when tire airing events occur, as identified by supported tire inflation systems, on both moving and non-moving tractors
  • Supports up to five trailers connected to a single tractor
  • Allows fleets to label alert types and configure alert notifications based on frequency, duration, and type of event
  • Provides supporting data with generated alert events, such as fleet-defined alert label, vehicle ID, time, location, vehicle speed, and more


This application can be added a la carte to the following plans:


Available on the following platforms:

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