Timely and accurate information about the location and status of your trailers.

Maximize the utilization of your trailers with improved asset visibility. Know the location and status of your trailers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Use optional sensors to detect opening and closing of doors, and the presence or absence of cargo. The end result? More efficient planning, increased productivity, and improved security of your fleet. Let us help you increase your operational efficiency and fleet profitability. At Omnitracs, we help you make it happen.

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For the maximum return on your investment, enhanced asset and cargo security, and improved asset utilization look to our Trailer Tracks solutions.


Gain unparalleled asset visibility.

  • Asset tracking with position and event reporting in U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Detailed trailer specifications are displayed on in-cab mobile computing platform (MCP110/200) when trailer connection made  
  • Monitor status and location of trailers and containers
  • Trailer inventory by landmark


Install and use with ease.

  • Over-the-air feature upgrades without touching the trailer
  • Ease of installation with compact one-piece terminal


Ensure safety of cargo.

  • Optional door and cargo sensors
  • Record unauthorized location exit and entrance
  • Detect trailer drops at unauthorized locations
  • Reefer monitoring


Increase productivity and customer service.

  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Accurate and timely information for your customers
  • Integration with dispatch software


Integrates with Driver Workflow.

Custom integration with Omnitracs' Driver Workflow to automatically validate proper trailer connections and alert drivers when incorrect connections are made.



TT210 stand alone platform features include:

Compact one-piece terminal configuration including antenna and embedded solar.


Integrated cellular antenna transmits via the AT&T GSM network.  


Includes a rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Solar charging system increases battery life and provides untethered charging capability.


Six mounting bolts are included, enabling a thirty-minute install of the terminal.


Cargo sensor indicates empty/not-empty. Door sensor monitors for an open or closed door. Auxiliary sensors connect to an optional third-party device, such as a tire pressure monitor.


Field Service Tool (FST)
The FST software leverages Bluetooth for system configuration, verification, and/or diagnostics.


The following plans are available on the TT210:



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