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Keep your drivers connected and productive by extending the office to the cab.

With our web browsing options, your drivers are never far from the office, even if they are hundreds of miles away. Using Open Wi-Fi or Omnitracs’ Terrestrial Browsing application, drivers can access fleet-approved websites on their Mobile Computing Platform 110 and 200 web browsers to obtain critical information. This can mean more productive and satisfied drivers, increased efficiency, and lower operating costs.

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Omnitracs’ web browsing extends the office to the cab, so your drivers can access critical information that keeps them connected and productive.
Provides drivers with enhanced access to critical information
  • Drivers can access the Internet on their MCP110 and MCP200 web browsers via Open Wi-Fi, or through our Terrestrial Browsing application, which enables browsing anywhere the MCP has terrestrial coverage regardless of Wi-Fi availability.
  • Drivers can conveniently obtain information while in their vehicle, such as performance reports, pay stubs, weather forecasts, company news and policies, and training materials.
Improves driver productivity and satisfaction
  • With instant access to the information they need, drivers can complete key tasks in a timely manner.
  • While out on the road, drivers can stay connected with their family via email.
Increases operational efficiency and reduces costs
  • Drivers can perform daily operations conveniently within their own cabs, rather than having to wait to arrive at a truck stop or return to the office.
  • Fleets can designate a list of approved websites and set up the URL entry bar, favorites, home page and proxy.
  • Fleets can configure the terrestrial data usage allowance by MCP unit and set alerts to notify the driver and back office when monthly usage thresholds are reached.
  • Terrestrial Browsing intelligently takes into account whether a driver is connected via a terrestrial or Wi-Fi network, ensuring the most economical access to the company portal and other critical office functions.


This application can be added a la carte to the following plans:


Available on the following platforms:

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