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10 Can’t-Miss Breakouts at Omnitracs Outlook 2018

Tara Cellinese
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

The countdown is on! Omnitracs Outlook 2018 will be here in just six short weeks and we’re excited for leaders in transportation to come together and share ideas. There are dozens of breakouts to choose from within our training, productivity, planning and delivery, safety and security, data and analytics, and compliance tracks. Here are ten that we know will be a hit.

  1. Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry: A View from the Road 
    Daniel Murray, Vice President of the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), has his finger on the pulse of the industry and the top concerns that those within it face. Murray will discuss the most recent and relevant news that impacts the trucking industry and how you can use this knowledge to better understand and navigate through these critical issues.
  2. Women in Trucking
    CEO and President of Women in Trucking, Ellen Voie, will further her mission to raise awareness about gender diversity in transportation with tips in this session. Attendees will gain information on how to attract and retain female drivers — learning about the challenges women face as professional drivers in a male-dominated environment.
  3. ELD Enforcement Update
    We are post-ELD Mandate and enforcement is in place but many safety managers and drivers are still getting up to speed. We’ve invited the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to shed light on enforcement of the ELD Mandate. This session will be a must see for anyone with questions about how roadside inspections are changing and about how to prepare.
  4. Customer Service as a Catalyst for Change 
    Moving from an entirely manual process to experiencing a true digital birth, United Pipe and Steel has reinvented their organization. Reflecting on processes, people, and technology, they created a strategy to manage change, allowing them to meet the highly dynamic customer demands of the business and deliver greater value. Join them in this session to learn how this was accomplished through automating manual transportation tasks and harnessing the power of data.
  5. Accident Recreation 
    On average, road accidents involving a truck crash cost over $235,000 per incident — and $460,000 when injuries are involved. However, up to 80 percent of car–truck crashes are caused by car drivers. Join a trucking defense attorney in this enlightening session to see how you can defend your business through accident recreation
  6. Leveraging ELD Lessons Learned 
    Many fleets chose to take advantage of the ELD Mandate grandfather clause two-year compliance period. If you’re one of those fleets, you can now take advantage of hearing how other fleets went through the AOBRD to ELD conversion process. This session provides training on key processes and steps to leverage lessons learned to make your conversion smoother.
  7. Digital Disruption: Understanding How to Embrace and Create Opportunity with Change 
    All industries are experiencing some sort of digital disruption — but how many are planning for and embracing it? In this session, hear how Palmer-Donavin, a building supply company, examined their core strategies to respond to the digital disruption that surrounds both our consumer and commercial lives. The company re-examined processes and their customer journeys to find ways to respond to increasing customer demands, solve new problems, and increase their footprint in a world that is increasingly digital.
  8. The Current and Future State of Autonomous Trucking
    We've all heard that autonomous trucking is coming, but what does it actually mean for the industry over the next five, 10, and 15 years? Hear from a panel of experts about the implications and requirements of this game-changing technology and what to expect in the near and distant future.
  9. Critical Event Analytics: New Ways to Use Data Video Technology
    Simple calculations and new analyses can lead to valuable discoveries. In this session, learn how Omnitracs is using critical event data and Critical Event Video to identify customers’ problem areas along routes, determining the implications of natural disasters/phenomena, and expanding the applications of video file capture.
  10. Best‐in‐Class Predictive Modeling Panel
    Join leading carriers in a panel discussion that explores best practices in predictive analytics. Fleets that are using Omnitracs predictive models will share their experiences, discussing ways these models have helped improve business efficiency, safety, and driver retention. 

These are just a few of many sessions available at Omnitracs Outlook 2018. In addition to breakout sessions that meet every need, there will be engaging presentations on the main stage, with product roadmap presentations for customers and a Partner Pavilion & Solutions Center filled with information about exciting new products, product prototypes, and technology partners. Visit for more information.