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3 things you’ll learn at Omnitracs Outlook 2020

Christine Krumbholz Photo
Christine Krumbholz
Corporate Events Director

It’s no secret that Omnitracs Outlook is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is it an incredible opportunity to bring together the entire Omnitracs community of customers and partners, but it provides lessons and takeaways that help guide us through the year.

Last year, one of our keynote speakers — former FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez — took the stage to highlight the changing role of government in the future of the transportation industry. With the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate on everyone’s mind, he outlined a roadmap demonstrating how just the right balance of regulation and innovation is what keeps drivers safe and fosters new technological advancements. Furthermore, Omnitracs CEO Ray Greer offered his perspective on how technology is helping drivers achieve new levels of speed and efficiency.

This year, Omnitracs is building a diverse and informative agenda to help attendees thrive in 2020, with six distinct tracks broken into three categories: over the road, last mile, and specials. Learn a bit more about each below:

  • Over the road. We’ll officially be through the deadline of the U.S. ELD Mandate by the time Omnitracs Outlook 2020 hits, creating space for industry experts to speak on the Canadian ELD Mandate. Other over-the-road operations professionals will focus on post-mandate topics and discuss how fleet professionals can go the extra mile, along with the role Omnitracs is playing in building a future-proof fleet with the Omnitracs One platform. Additional topics will revolve around compliance, safety solutions, and driver retention.
  • Last mile. We live in a post-Amazon effect world with rising consumer expectations and the need for last-mile logistics companies to exceed those expectations. In fact, Adobe’s annual analysis of Black Friday ecommerce found that consumers spent $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving in 2019 alone. This track will be most beneficial for professionals who are looking to maximize the opportunity of the changing commerce landscape and freight’s future in it. Additional topics will focus on customer value, driver satisfaction, and cost management.
  • Specials. This track is our wild card – regardless of which type of fleet you operate. We’ll be discussing trends and topics that apply to everyone — from the technology we use to power our drivers to the best practices we use to create more inclusive workplace cultures. Additional topics center in on freight’s role in the fight against human trafficking, general industry best practices, and overarching technology trends.

Omnitracs Outlook 2020 takes place February 16-19 in Las Vegas. Register today!