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3 ways ELDs improve the driver experience


For every business, across every industry, data is transforming the very definition of success. Take the sports world, for instance: Technology is now able to take raw player-performance data and make real-time recommendations that coaches can use to ultimately win the game. But it isn’t just coaches and players who are benefitting — truckers and fleet managers are also able to take advantage of the benefits data provides. 

It starts with rethinking how raw data is collected. Without a constant stream of healthy data, advanced analytics has no fuel. Luckily, the trucking industry is well ahead of the game. Through Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) — which became the new standard in data collection in American trucking in 2017 and will soon be the standard in Canada later this year — drivers now have that exact same insight to make adjustments where needed to better ensure their success.

Here are a few key benefits ELD-driven data is bringing to the driver experience:

  • Greater transparency with fleet managers. Just like coaches and their players, drivers and fleet managers are part of a team. Through open communication and collaboration, they can achieve their goals and then some. ELDs make data a shared resource between drivers and fleet managers so they can be better partners and work from the same baseline.


  • More data means better technology. The advanced technology of ELDs allows drivers to understand not only their own performance, but the performance of their rigs. The more drivers operating the same rig, the greater pool there is to understand where the machinery can be improved across the board. Whether it’s a common tire pressure issues or defective in-cab interfaces, the faster a fleet manager knows there’s a problem, the faster it can be fixed and updated.


  • Hours of Service (HoS) accountability. Among the various regulatory guidelines the trucking industry must follow is the HoS mandate. This states that drivers must take a certain number of breaks over certain periods of time for their own mental and physical health. As ELDs collect digital driving data automatically, they help ensure drivers aren’t over working.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore ELDs and their impact on drivers and fleet operators. In the meantime, keep yourself educated on the latest ELD updates on Omnitracs’ ELD resource page.