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5 signs your ELD solution isn’t compliant


With so many qualifications and exemptions in the ELD mandate, it can be challenging to know if your ELD solution is actually compliant. So, we put together a list of signs to watch out for.

Your ELD solution isn’t a compliant ELD solution if you can:

Start driving without logging into the device using a unique username and password.

To accurately assign driver logs to drivers, a compliant ELD device requires the driver to login with a username and password before starting their trip.


Set the beginning-of-trip trigger to a speed higher than 5 miles per hour.

According to the ELD Mandate, a compliant ELD device must automatically change the in-motion status to “Driving” when the vehicle is moving. Fleets can alter the miles-per-hour threshold that triggers the status change, but they cannot set that threshold above five miles per hour.


Allow the back-office to make edits to a driver’s logs without presenting them to the driver.

According to federal regulation, back-office staff is not allowed to make changes to driver logs without the driver’s knowledge and approval.


Set the status to off duty before terminating a trip

To discourage toggling between on and off duty while sitting at a red light or stop sign, the ELD mandate requires drivers to follow end-of-trip procedures before going off duty.


Let drivers shorten driving time or assign driving time to someone other than an assigned co-driver.

A compliant ELD solution automatically records all of the time that the vehicle is in motion as driving time that cannot be edited or changed to non-driving time. However, in the case of driving teams, if a driver forgets to log out the account associated with the driving time records may be reassigned between the team drivers.


If your ELD provider isn’t looking out for you, ensuring ELD compliance isn’t a simple task. Omnitracs ELD solutions combine extensive ELD compliance expertise with over 30 years of industry and technical know-how that you can put to work in your compliance programs.


For a deeper dive into ELD compliance, check out this free infographic