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All GPS solutions are not created equal

Chris C
Chris Chappelear
Senior Product Marketing Specialist

It happens all too often: a driver is following their GPS down a road they don’t recognize, thinking about their stops and deliveries when — BAM — they missed a warning sign and their trailer collides with a low-hanging overpass.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 4,209 large trucks struck bridges in 2014. While there are various factors contributing to these bridge strikes, a common, stand-out cause is drivers using turn-by-turn navigation software that is designed for passenger cars, not commercial vehicles. These personal GPS devices are often implemented due to their no-cost appeal, but will likely end up costing your operation big in vehicle and bridge repairs, loss of productivity, and potential litigation costs.

Fleets can reduce these risks by investing in truck-specific commercial navigation that will not only prevent bridge strikes but ensure drivers get where they need to go safely and efficiently. Commercial GPS software will also help you:

Safely transport hazmat materials

Every state — and most cities — have restrictions on where vehicles hauling hazardous materials can travel. Deciphering where these restrictions are in each location that you’re traveling through can be extremely tedious and time-consuming without the proper technology. A commercial GPS takes this into account and provides drivers with a route that is aligned with any restrictions while remaining efficient.

Reduce speeding

Risky driving behavior such as speeding can erode your company’s bottom line through excessive fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear — or worse. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that speeding accounted for 9,717 or 26% of fatalities on the road in 2017. Implementing truck-specific navigation software enables you to monitor driver performance throughout their route and identify any potentially dangerous behavior to protect your operation’s profits and reputation for the long haul.

Protect your assets

Following a personal GPS can lead drivers to dirt roads or residential areas that are too narrow for trucks to fit or turn around on, causing them to get stuck or make dangerous U-turns. When you set your own vehicle parameters including height and weight on a commercial GPS, you can ensure the roads you are traveling on are fit for your vehicle.

Navigation software designed for commercial vehicles ensures your drivers are traveling on the most efficient route while reducing costs from potential accidents or litigation. Visit our website to learn how Omnitracs is putting drivers first with Commercial Vehicle Navigation — and see the tool in action.