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Black Horse Carriers Improves Efficiency and Customer Service with Workflow 2.0

At Omnitracs, we’re fortunate to work with the very best companies in commercial transportation. Throughout North America and beyond, leading fleets turn to our advanced fleet management and routing solutions to improve operational efficiency, safety, compliance, and customer service, while reducing costs and streamlining processes. Black Horse Carriers is one such fleet that is near completion of a fleet-wide rollout of Omnitracs’ MCP 50 with Workflow 2.0.

A provider of dedicated and private fleet replacement services for companies whose business requires specialized trucks, equipment or service, Black Horse Carriers prides itself on always delivering reliable, consistent, high quality, and cost effective solutions that meet and exceed customers’ expectation. To ensure the company continues to meet this customer-centric mission, Black Horse turned to Omnitracs for an integrated hardware and software fleet management solution that could help drivers and back office personnel alike keep clients delighted and business booming.

Having used multiple different fleet management systems across its fleet previously, integrated with TMW’s TMS, Black Horse’s Corporate Process Improvement Manager, Marc Incrocci realized the need to streamline operations to a single telematics provider to reduce complexity. After evaluating a number of options, the Black Horse team selected Omnitracs MCP 50 along with our advanced Workflow 2.0 application. Among the many factors contributing to Black Horse’s decision were Omnitracs’ reliable hardware platform, ease of installation and application rollout, and efficiency benefits offered by both the mobile and back office user interfaces.

Marc pointed out to us that, although Black Horse looked at other providers, their solutions didn’t make the grade—either their hardware was outdated and overly complex, their Bluetooth connections were unreliable or they simply didn’t offer the same level of service as Omnitracs.

With Omnitracs Workflow 2.0, in just a short time, the company has already seen significant improvements in efficiency, information accuracy and its ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. By automating arrival and departure notifications, the solution has simplified the driver’s job and ensures more reliable information for the back office staff, while also eliminating overages on Black Horse’s messaging services.

Marc also shared with us that driver adoption has been very smooth. After a brief training period, Black Horse drivers have been up and running on the system and have easily adapted to the new, streamlined processes. While some drivers expressed initial concerns about learning a new way of doing things, one driver’s post-training comment, “that’s stupid easy,” is indicative of just how simple to use the Omnitracs system is.

Black Horse’s customers are primarily concerned with on-time performance. If cargo is scheduled to arrive at a certain time, then Black Horse needs to ensure it meets this expectation. Using Omnitracs Workflow 2.0 with automated on-time reporting capabilities, the company keeps customers informed and satisfied.  And this ensures Black Horse continues its successful record of industry leadership and profitable growth.

To learn more about Omnitracs MCP 50 and Workflow 2.0, visit the products and platforms pages on our website.