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Canadian ELD compliance? Not a problem.

Michael Ahart
Michael Ahart
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Transport Canada just issued the Canadian ELD Mandate. Under the new rules announced today by Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau, ELD solution providers must obtain certification of their device(s) from a third-party to ensure their solutions meet the necessarily-complex technical standards set forth by Transportation Canada.

You might think we would push back on the idea of rigorous third-party certification, but our teams have spent years working with various industry associations and government entities across Canada and the United States to ensure the safety of carriers, drivers, and the public while also helping fleets find new ways to meet the demands of their customers. Third-party certification helps us achieve those goals while removing the burden of ensuring compliance from carriers.

Absent from the announcement was the anticipated AOBRD grandfather clause. As of today, carriers must be fully compliant by June 2021. Omnitracs will have compliant, third-party certified ELD solutions ready for you by that date.

Read this summary of the rules provided by the Canadian Trucking Alliance and take a look at the effort we’ve already put into crafting our ELD solutions in this infographic What it really takes to make an ELD.