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Apr 6, 2016


Philip Friedman

Product Manager

Big data. Analytics. Predictive modeling. Machine learning.

These terms may sound impressive, but what do they really mean? More importantly, should you care and do they apply to your business?

At Omnitracs Outlook 2016, I had the pleasure of sharing some thoughts on this topic with our attendees and am excited to recap some of the key takeaways here.

First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that your primary objective should be to determine how your data can be transformed into better outcomes for your business. Every fleet has data, though the quality and quantity varies greatly. By focusing on actuals, you benefit from knowing your results and data models are based on reality and, therefore, can lead to meaningful business outcomes, rather than simply feeding into a never-ending data dump.

Omnitracs Roadnet offers advanced analytics solutions to help you move from descriptions and diagnostics to decisions and actions. With Omnitracs Roadnet Insight, fleets can examine actual data to discover critical issues affecting productivity and profitability—ranging from a missed time window to escalating costs. By assessing data patterns, you can learn whether the problem is fleet wide, focused on a specific region or concentrated in outlying operational areas. Armed with this information, it’s easier to develop strategies to tackle problems and enact operational tactics to improve outcomes.

With 30 years of experience, we construct data models to help you plan, execute and analyze, ensuring an ongoing feedback loop to inform executives and strategic planners. A wide variety of tools—including Service Pattern Analyzer, Service Time Updater, Stop Analyzer, and Time Windows Analysis Report—deliver advanced perspective on what’s working and what’s not in your fleet operation. To quote Scott Klososky of the Future Point of View Institute, the “Humalogy Scale” depicts how people and machines can combine, each using their own strengths, to form something larger. This is the future of big data analytics.

To learn more about how Omnitracs Roadnet Insight transforms transportation data into meaningful views of fleet performance, visit

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