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Coach Your Drivers to Safety and Success, Part 3

In our last blog post, we focused on the value of expert analysis and measurement in the coaching process. This week, we’ll focus on analytics and their role in coaching and impact on your safety culture. 

Advanced Analytics for Coaching

A Managed Service program provides the information necessary to run an effective coaching program. There are times, however, when you will want to take your coaching to the next level by leveraging additional data from within your video-based safety program. However, it’s important to not just see the data, but understand it as well. It’s important you understand what actually happened, where it happened (and why), the driver’s role and the likelihood of it happening again. By answering critical business questions about your fleet’s performance through purpose-built dashboards and analytics applications, you can impose coaching metrics that will influence your fleet’s safety performance.

Analytics programs, like SmartDrive SmartIQ provide the data necessary so …

Executives can focus on:

  • What are my top sites doing to maintain a low safety score? Can those steps be implemented in the bottom performers?
  • Top observation(s)
    – Are they policy violations? Do they require additional coaching?
  • Deeper analysis of site Safety Scores, in addition to other metrics such as fuel and speed

Regional managers can:

  • Review program results, KPIs and align goals for the next quarter
    – Who are my top drivers contributing to my Safety Score? What’s my plan?
    – What are my top observations? What steps can I put in place to improve this?

Site level managers can:

  • Review program results, KPIs and understand goals for the next quarter
    – How is my Safety Score trending
    – Are my drivers with the highest scores improving?
    – Are my most prevalent observations reducing – by driver?

Analytics provide the essential data you need to build a strong safety culture that helps you develop and retain better, safer and more professional drivers. With the proper data, you can identify and eliminate risky driving behavior, coach drivers on specific behaviors and monitor results, and retain and recognize good drivers.

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