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Diversity in the Trucking Industry

One of the points made at the Golden Globes on Sunday night was that there needs to be more diversity in Hollywood. That message is true for every industry, including the trucking industry. In one of the most promising current developments in trucking, we’re seeing more women, and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds joining trucking companies than ever before. 

In fact, people from diverse backgrounds are the fastest growing population in trucking, having grown from 32.9 percent in 2004 to 37.9 percent in 2014, according to ProDrivers.

While this is definitely good news, there is more progress to be made in our industry. Here are a few reasons why diversity in trucking is crucial to the sector’s future success.

Hiring diverse populations is the right thing to do. 

Diversity is one of our country’s core values, and it’s been a big part of our success as a nation. Hiring workforces that reflect the true makeup of our society is simply the right thing to do. 

Diverse workforces also offer a multitude of perspectives and ideas that can help boost your company’s innovation and creativity, A diverse company can also support a more open-minded, inclusive company culture, which in turn can improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

Trucking is experiencing a serious driver shortage. Recruiting more diverse populations can help fix it.

Even as the amount of freight traveling throughout the United States and Canada has increased, the number of drivers available to get it where it needs to go has decreased. 

The result has been a serious driver shortage that’s negatively affecting companies all along the supply chain. 

One of the most practical ways to address this driver shortage is to focus more recruiting efforts on diverse groups. This goes hand-in-hand with recruiting efforts aimed at Millennials, as this generation is the most diverse to date in the U.S.

Trucking companies that can reach underrepresented groups will be better able to fill the driver spots they need to in order to move freight quickly, efficiently, and safely. 

Trucking companies that don’t take an active role in expanding their diversity will soon be left behind. 

As the demographics of the United States change, becoming more diverse every year, customers and potential employees are going to expect the companies they work with to reflect this new reality. 

Trucking companies that don’t work on developing a diverse workforce may find themselves losing out to their competitors who do. After all, a diverse workforce will be able to appeal to a greater range of the general public — and therefore, they will appeal to a greater range of partner companies, too. 

The bottom line? Diversity in hiring is important for any company, no matter what industry they’re in. Encouraging diversity in your trucking company can improve drivers’ morale, increase driver retention, and help you maintain a happier, more satisfied workforce.