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Don’t play the waiting game with your customers

Bill McHenry
Sr. Product Manager

It’s a situation many of us have found ourselves in — you spend your morning waiting for a delivery, initially optimistic that the waiting time shouldn’t eat up too much of your day. The hours slowly begin ticking by, and the delivery you were expecting in the morning still hasn’t arrived by the time the evening comes around. After multiple phone calls, you come to find your order was never properly processed.  

Convenience and communication are especially critical for exceptional customer service in today’s world of same-day deliveries. With loads constantly switching hands between shippers, brokers, and drivers, customer orders are at great risk of falling through the cracks if you’re not prepared.

Ensuring you can deliver exceptional customer service to your customers is an integral part of your overall operations, and utilizing the right solution can help you do just that.

The many benefits of load visibility

Maintaining consistent visibility into your loads is essential — and doing so through an automated solution allows drivers to place their focus on the road and deliver orders in a timely manner. Load visibility can help various service industries, like the supply chain industry, maintain transparency.

Gaining better visibility into your loads also provides your back-office teams with the means to identify potentially problematic loads before they become a problem.

The importance of near-real time updates

With near-real time updates, you can share consistent, up-to-the-minute tracking information with your customers. If your business is supply-chain focused, your customer’s customers can also benefit by remaining in the know on all necessary updates.

These updates also enable your customers to proactively track their own shipments — a feature likely to save both your customer service team and customers a great deal of time.

The benefits of streamlined load tracking

Since many of today’s brokers don’t have direct access to a carrier’s fleet data, they have to work with call centers to track loads, contact dispatchers, and analyze historical data. These tedious, manual tasks are incredibly time-consuming and usually end up negatively impacting your bottom line and customer service.

With a load tracking and management solution designed to streamline your freight operations, you can share near-real time position updates from your trucks to your customers the entire time you are hauling the customer’s freight.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can gain these benefits, take a look at our Omnitracs Virtual Load View solution. We’re also proud to work with leading technology partners who aim to help us provide data and flexibility to some of our customers using solutions like Virtual Load View.