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Employee spotlight on Chris Hamilton: Going the extra mile for customers and prospects


At Omnitracs, we live by our promise to our customers to maximize safety and efficiencies in their fleet operations. Our team of over 1,100 employees is comprised of individuals who are passionate about our industry, our innovation, and the people we support — our customers and prospective customers.

Chris Hamilton is a senior account executive at Omnitracs, striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience every day by working with industry professionals to resolve their problems and evolve their business models. Chris was recently awarded the prestigious Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) certification from the National Private Truck Council (NPTC). The NPTC’s CTP certification program is one of the top industry certification credentials in the U.S., and we are so proud of Chris for dedicating his time and energy toward this valuable achievement. 


We sat down with Chris to learn more about what this certification and his role mean to him. Here’s what he had to share!

1) Hi, Chris! Tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks for chatting with me. I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and have specifically focused on transportation, supply chain, and fleet management solutions since 2012 when I first came to Roadnet, which became a part of Omnitracs the following year. I currently have the pleasure of working with net-new prospects and customers in the Northeast on the New Business, Private Fleet team.

2) Congratulations on obtaining your CTP certification! What does this certification entail?

I’m one of about 40 Omnitracs employees certified by the NPTC. Essentially, it’s a training and educational program centered around the major elements that private fleet executives track in their roles — specifically operations, human resources, finance, equipment, and safety. It’s a program that connects us to other transportation professionals in the private fleet, including about 1,500 executives and logistics professionals representing many of our customers and prospects.

3) As a leading transportation professional, what does the certification mean to you?

It helped to broaden my understanding of transportation management challenges, but most of all, it was another opportunity for me to become a better-trusted advisor to my prospects and customers. At the end of the day, my goal is to help our prospects and customers resolve their challenges. This certification enables me to approach them in a consultative way, with new perspectives that I might not have considered in the past.

4) How does becoming CTP certified help your customers and prospects?

Having access to that network, data, and benchmarks provides me with greater context around the support that I offer to the customers and prospects with whom I work. For example, I recently worked with a prospective customer who was having difficulties — as many in the industry do — with driver retention. Due to data from our relationship with the NPTC, I was able to give them current benchmarks and discuss potential solutions that would work best for them. So, this certification gives me that extra layer of knowledge as well as increases my credibility.

5) As a senior account executive, how do you define success in your role?

There’s a number of different ways to define success. I’m excited to bring new logos to our company, grow our customer base, and hit our organization’s financial goals. That being said, I get the most personal gratification from helping fleets solve their challenges. We have great solutions, and it brings me pride to be able to provide the platform to help solve our prospects’ business problems.

6) What do you enjoy most about your role?

 Addressing prospects’ and customers' business issues brings me personal satisfaction. I’ve worked with many people in difficult financial situations due to outdated solutions or manual processes. And while it can impact someone's bottom line, it can affect them personally as well. For example, I recently worked with an executive, who is now an Omnitracs customer, who was spending nights and weekends creating manual reports to track KPIs. This went beyond providing an ROI; it was personally affecting this person’s life and family. Positively impacting people’s lives through our technology, like I was able to offer this executive, brings me satisfaction and lets me know that I’ve succeeded in my role.

7) And finally, how do you feel about working for Omnitracs?

I’m excited to be a part of an incredible team. I’m lucky that we have such a great organization around us, from our sales engineers to our implementation consultants to our customer service professionals. As a salesperson, my success is directly contingent on the contributions of the people with whom I work. That’s exciting for me and exciting for the future of Omnitracs.

We’re lucky to have Chris in our corner! For another story around an inspiring Omnitracs employee, read our spotlight article on Omnitracs VP of Regulatory Affairs Mike Ahart.