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Employee spotlight: Hari Paraman engineers success


“I appreciate working with a team that contributes to my success. We work collaboratively, and the team always has to come first. That’s what drives our success forward.”

- Hari Paraman

On November 1, 2021, Omnitracs Sylectus will turn 20! We’re commemorating the many carriers we have brought together over the years, enabling collaboration through industry-leading technology.

Our continuous pioneering is only possible with the dedicated team of engineers, customer support professionals, and technology specialists who embrace ideas and challenges with vigor and enthusiasm. Hari Paraman, a lead software engineer on our Omnitracs Sylectus team, exemplifies what it means to engineer with vision while prioritizing team collaboration.


To commence the celebration, we sat down with Hari to learn more about his role, what excites him, and where he sees the future of Omnitracs Sylectus going. Here’s what he had to say!

What’s the most exciting aspect of your role?

We are an engineering team bringing up new technologies and ideas. I can tell my manager we want to implement something differently or bring in new technology, and seeing these pieces come to the surface feels terrific. Our team is always open to innovation based on market demand. We also have an opportunity to work on a complex architecture application that directly impacts customers and can develop new products for the Omnitracs Sylectus Transportation Management System (TMS) platform. That is exciting!

How do you define success in your role?

I love working with technology. I feel very fulfilled with my role and responsibilities. I take pride in delivering things on time. I don’t ever want to sit and wonder about what to work on next, and I enjoy being occupied with multiple projects at a time.

I appreciate working with a team that contributes to my success. We work collaboratively, and the team always has to come first. That’s what drives our success forward.

Can you share something meaningful about working with Omnitracs Sylectus?

We develop new solutions and exploratory data analysis (EDA) applications for our customers. I spend time interacting with our different partners and team members and work to understand each of our applications.

It’s always exciting to work with customers and vendors. I explore ways we can find solutions for customers specific to their businesses and unique goals. Our team works to help customers as quickly as possible, and we take their reliance on us seriously.

How is Omnitracs Sylectus pioneering innovation?

We are constantly innovating in the world of fleet intelligence. Our senior management knows what drives us, and they have the vision to bring more ideas and product developments.

We are looking to utilize the full potential of Omnitracs Sylectus. When I first joined, the team was small. Now, it’s growing. There are many opportunities to grow exponentially, and there’s a huge scope to expand across multiple countries.

How have you grown in your role?

I’m open-minded and very flexible. I analyze what customers are searching for and what my role requires. I consider developments, new applications, production issues, testing requirements, and customer sentiments.

I know I’m a senior lead engineer, but I focus on team building and including all employees, from new interns to new team members. I try to consistently grow within my role based on the team’s needs and where the drive is.

How does Omnitracs Sylectus stand out from the competitors?

Over the past two years, we’ve grown a lot and have made significant progress. We are a total force on the right path. We focus on our customers, timeliness, and ensuring all our applications have high value and are customer-facing.

What makes you proud today?

The Omnitracs Sylectus team I work with is making significant progress. We are learning and delivering substantially as a team, which makes me proud, as many of our team members are new and add so much value. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve tackled the learning curve and are delivering beyond expectations. That’s very exciting to me!

We loved chatting with Hari! We’ll be back soon with more employee spotlights on our inspiring Omnitracs Sylectus team members. Keep tuning in to the Omnitracs Road Ahead Blog for more upcoming stories!