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Employee spotlight: Jessica Isibor prioritizes growth and innovation


“When I was told Omnitracs Sylectus was going to be 20, it felt surreal. For a company to be around that long means you’re doing something right.” 

- Jessica Isibor  

Autumn is in the air, and so are our celebrations for the upcoming Omnitracs Sylectus 20th anniversary on November 1! 

Bringing people together is what makes the Omnitracs Sylectus load board technology so successful, and that technology is nothing without the people behind it. These past few months, we’ve spotlighted several of our inspiring and hardworking employees on the Omnitracs Sylectus team.  

For our third and final employee spotlight, we sat down with Jessica Isibor, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) coordinator who does it all! From integrating our business systems to serving as a middle person between stakeholders, customers, and developers, Jessica has unparalleled insight into the many moving parts of the Omnitracs Sylectus network.  

Read on to learn about Jessica’s story, her role, and her contagious enthusiasm for innovation! 


Hi! Tell us about yourself and your role.  

I started with Omnitracs as a tech support engineer, and we had a project with EDI. I eventually became a subject matter expert (SME) on the project and transitioned to my role within several months. 

I work on integrating business systems as an SME, supporting core business operations related to enterprise application setups, user acceptance testing, deployments, and upgrades. 

What makes you feel successful? 

For me, success is being able to meet and exceed business expectations. Working in collaboration with stakeholders, vendors, and clients, it is essential to ensure that the product we deliver is meeting the requirements and value expected of us. That’s what drives our success!  

How is Omnitracs Sylectus a pioneer? 

The Omnitracs Sylectus product is among its peers leading the industry. We are currently widely known for our load board and Transportation Management System (TMS). From a customer's standpoint, it is also great to know that you’re able to incorporate all your transportation needs within one organization. Our common goal is to make sure customers have all they require to seamlessly run their transportation business operations. That approach is what drives our innovative mindset. 

How do you cater to your customers? 

The key is having an open line of communication with our customers to get constructive feedback on their product utilization, which is in turn woven into our product and engineering development process. We try to learn as we go, and we don’t blindly innovate. 

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I think what I enjoy most is that each day comes with new insights and challenges. The customers and trading partners present something different every time. EDI is a standard, and every business partner translates it into their own version of the standard.  

It’s amazing because it facilitates effective communication and constructive relationship-building across the board to ensure you’re capturing requirements and developments properly. I find it wholesome working in collaboration with management, product managers, team members, business stakeholders, external clients, and software vendors while being the middle person who speaks the language of everyone involved.  

How have you grown professionally?  

When I started with my role, it was a deep dive. There was so much I had to learn. It was a challenge, but a good challenge! It pushed me to grow a lot personally and professionally, which gave me the confidence to know what I could do and, in turn, expanded my horizon. 

How do you feel about Omnitracs Sylectus turning 20?  

I’ve been with the company for over two years. When I was told Omnitracs Sylectus was going to be 20, it felt surreal. For a company to be around that long means you’re doing something right. 

I have worked with customers who have been here from the start. Having those long-term customers shows me we’re on the right path, and it is exciting to know Omnitracs Sylectus will still be here for years to come, as the product innovation is just lifting off. 

What makes you most proud about your team and organization?  

Omnitracs Sylectus is a really great organization! We have managers, leaders, and team members who are passionate about the product and team. Management is not going on a tangent.  

It’s really exciting to see where we are headed in terms of innovation. In a few years, I believe Omnitracs Sylectus will be making amazing strides in the industry and way past our peers. That’s how our leaders and the rest of our team define success. 

We are a diverse team that works together across the globe, and we come together once a month to learn about our various cultures — whether it’s our employees in Mexico, India, Canada, the United States, or other countries. It’s so nice to be a part of an organization that values culture and diversity, which gives everyone a sense of belonging. It ensures we all feel special.  

We can’t wait to see what Jessica and the Omnitracs Sylectus team continue accomplishing! That’s a wrap on our Omnitracs Sylectus employee spotlights. Happy anniversary to Omnitracs Sylectus, officially culminating 20 years of innovation on November 1, 2021!