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Exceptional Safety Improvements and Insurance Savings Land SmartDrive on SDCE100 List

SDC Supply & Demand ChainAs a leading innovator, SmartDrive is proud to be on this year’s Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s annual list of corporate leaders in the global supply chain. The SDCE 100 spotlights successful and innovative projects that deliver bottom-line value to small, medium and large enterprises across the range of supply chain functions.

According to SDCE, “It is essential that a company continue to pursue, develop and implement best practices that leverage well-organized projects relevant to strategic objectives. The outcome of these featured SDCE 100 projects provide further insight into the innovation and improved operations within supply chains.”

Among the hundreds of successful implementations of the SmartDrive® program, SDCE selected Leavitt’s Freight Service due to the program’s impact and the results achieved. Leavitt’s chose SmartDrive after a six-month review process, citing superior technology platform, attention to detail and award-winning customer support. After 12 months with the program, Leavitt’s reported a 10% improvement in preventable crash rate per million miles and an 88% improvement in its SmartDrive Safety Score, a leading indicator of individual driving performance. During this same period, SmartDrive video exonerated Leavitt’s drivers in 11 incidents and mitigated exposure in three additional events. Furthermore, the fleet achieved a record-setting truck insurance loss ratio of 13% compared with the previous four-year rate of 135%.

Leavitt's Freight ServiceTo ensure driver buy-in, Leavitt’s managed over 500 driver-coaching sessions in the first 12 months. Leavitt’s coaches 100% of risky driving events within one day of the incident and individual driver scores are evaluated weekly. The SmartDrive platform provides critical safety and operational intelligence that Leavitt’s relies on daily to ensure drivers are safe and efficient.

“We quickly came to appreciate SmartDrive 360 with Extended Recording as it captured incidents other providers did not. The SmartDrive platform has proven invaluable to pinpointing driving behavior deficiencies, which allows us to constructively coach our drivers and support ongoing safety improvement,” commented Billy Dover, Senior Risk Manager, Leavitt’s Freight Service. “All the telematics in the world do you no good until you can show a driver what he or she is doing is wrong. As a result, we’ve already seen a decrease in our preventable crash frequency per million miles. Fleets that don’t have SmartDrive are missing an opportunity to protect their drivers and the motoring public.”


Watch the video to learn how SmartDrive can improve safety in your fleet.


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