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Forget gold or oil. Data is the most precious commodity


The modern, digital economy moves at the speed of light. From the new technologies that are upending business models to the rapidly growing expectations of customers, businesses can no longer afford long lead times when taking advantage of an opportunity. Real-time analysis and action is the difference between success and failure. 

Powering the rise of digital flexibility is data, and business’ ability to make sense of it in larger quantities. AI and machine learning are some of the most game-changing solutions in the market, but any expert will tell you that they’re fundamentally useless without a healthy cache of data to draw conclusions from and ultimately make recommendations. 

In fact, it’s shaping the future of transportation and the way we think about fleet management. For example, data collected from drivers can be used to understand how their experience can be improved and where technology can help. With the implementation of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate in the United States, and the upcoming regulation in Canada, the amount of data that’s ripe for analysis is only growing. 

Here are a few ways data is supporting a new, smarter generation of fleets and drivers: 

·     Resource optimization. From staffing to technology investment, historically, there has been a certain amount of guesswork in resource allocation. Data analysis eliminates that entirely, so fleets can only dedicate precisely what’s needed to any given problem. That level of concision reduces waste, so resources can be used to drive growth instead. 

·     Digital route tracking. Drivers want to get to their destination in the most efficient way possible. Today, driver data lets us make sense of variables that were previously untraceable, like which routes are statically more likely to have high volumes of traffic at certain times of the year. Understanding that lets drivers adjust routes in real-time.

·     Smarter Rigs and Proactive Improvements. As rigs themselves become outfitted with the latest technology, it creates new opportunities to understand the driver experience and implement changes to improve it. From average drive times to fuel usage, greater visibility enables fleets to reduce inefficiencies and keep the motor running. 

Understanding your data and getting the most value of it is a key part of any fleet’s digital transformation journey. Are you looking to capitalize on the opportunities of data? Learn how Omnitracs is enabling better data management with Omnitracs One: