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Hosting our first Women’s Employee Resource Community Event


Kimberly Smiley, Omnitracs’ Director of Marketing, is making waves with CEO Ray Greer to ensure Omnitracs continues to become an even more inclusive workspace. 

“Our teams do quite a bit to address diversity, and there’s always more we can do. One thing we do is shine a spotlight on our women team members through our newly launched Women’s Employee Resource Community.” – Kimberly Smiley

Employee resource communities are organizationally-supported, employee-led groups that form around common interests, shared traits, or life experiences. 

Omnitracs team members were invited to “Bring on the Madness” at the first quarterly event hosted by the Women’s Community Program on March 22. The event centered around the college basketball tournament that happens each March. “We thought it would be great to sponsor an event in March because it’s women’s history month,” Smiley said. “The community is designed to provide resources to women and highlight their contributions to the workplace and technology industry by creating an open dialog between both women and men – and almost everyone can come together over pizza and basketball.”

When asked about inclusion in the workforce, Omnitracs User Experience Intern Daysha Diaz said. “From what I see within my team and surrounding teams, Omnitracs is gender-diverse.” Diaz continued, “I think that Omnitracs is very open-minded, which is something I love about the company. I always feel open to say my true opinion.” Associate AR Specialists Victoria Mehlhaff and Desiree Davilia indicated that they’re on board with the women’s community concept, adding, “It’s brilliant.”

We’re excited to see how Omnitracs will inspire others in the trucking industry to come together and encourage women to join the community of supporting and advancing women.

Interested in starting or supporting employee resource communities in your fleet? Take a look at this guidebook from the National Diversity Council. Also, be sure to also visit Women in Trucking to discover insightful ways your organization can support the women employees who keep your fleet rolling.