September 10, 2015


Hours of Service violations, and the FMCSA fines associated with those violations, are among the biggest issues facing the transportation industry today. In a time when operational costs are expensive enough, the additional burden of Hours of Service fines can destroy any remaining profits fleets may have.  In an effort to show how much of an impact this has on the trucking industry, Omnitracs has launched a clock showing the dollar amount of HOS violations in real time. This clock, which is hosted on the Electronic Logging Device educational site,, displays a running view of the total dollar amount of HOS violation penalties collected.

In addition to showing the impact of fines, the site demonstrates real world examples of what other necessities could be purchased with this money, such as tires, fuel, driver salaries, and more.

To learn more about the impact of these Hours of Service fines, and to see in real time how much of an effect this has on the trucking industry, visit In addition, can help keep you up to date on the latest information in regards to the ELD Mandate.