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How to make IT a flowing force for innovation

Justin Newcom
Justin Newcom
Vice President, Global Information Technology

“The only constant in the technology industry is change.”

Marc Benioff, Founder of Salesforce


Live data, world-class telematics systems, and unparalleled fleet intelligence. These are the hallmarks of what drives our pioneering mindset, enabling us to champion innovation in the transportation space for more than 30 years.

Information technology (IT) is one of the steering forces behind this success. IT probably conjures up images of help desks and technical jargon, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the structure that contains your systems and critical company information that, combined, serve as a company’s nerve center. While IT is often thought of as a cost-negative exercise, a solid IT structure is actually what holds your company together.

Connecting IT to our moving system

Let’s look at the human nervous system for a moment. A functioning nervous system keeps blood flowing through the body, enabling the brain and all other critical areas. It is our internal regulatory, controlling, and communicating system that is the epicenter of all our voluntary and involuntary activity. A nervous system that can’t keep up spells trouble for the rest of the body. IT is the nervous system of any technology space. The nerves that make up the Omnitracs IT nervous system are our:

  • Service management

  • Data center engineering

  • Network management

  • Cloud engineering

  • Database management

  • Financial management

  • Architecture

At Omnitracs, our information technology (IT) ecosystem has grown substantially. This growth, coupled with our moving promise to offer the first converged, end-to-end industry platform for optimized business safety and efficiency, is what propelled us to move to the cloud with one of our many valuable partners — ServiceNow. ServiceNow helped us remove our organization’s silos and instill a single source of truth for our teams, enabling them to effectively serve customers.

A few standout achievements from the Omnitracs and ServiceNow partnership are:

  • An internal outage dashboard and change control calendar that all employees can view

  • Real-time product availability statuses

  • Critical customer and infrastructure information

  • A 65% decrease in incidents impacting customers

  • A 90% reduction in time required to resolve incidents

Looking at these metrics, it’s all the more apparent that IT is far more than a help center. A structured and comprehensive IT system that can keep up in our world of information overload plays an indispensable role in optimizing time, convenience, and ROI for customers. 

There’s no I in IT without innovation

A solid IT culture is paramount in streamlining reliable fleet intelligence. Successful fleet leaders often implement various company cultures that reflect a set of shared values and goals. Regardless of whether we’re discussing driver-centric or IT cultures, an unshakable workplace culture is one in which individual members of your company take pride. It’s also a culture that ties back into the clearly defined path — the yellow-brick road — of your strategic business vision. What defines a workplace culture today, in nearly every regard, is not identical to decades past. Times change, values change, and people change.

As a leader in global IT, I can attest that the Omnitracs IT approach has consistently placed priority emphasis on every customer. Our commitment to innovate and execute has remained a constant. Our technology has evolved for the holistic benefit of our industry, allowing us to innovate collaboratively and execute strategies to the highest standards. Our decisions and precision enable us to take advantage of promising market opportunities while remaining confident we can implement and deliver.

This mindset speaks to the technology culture of today. We are a connected world, growing more connected than ever before and at an unprecedented rate. Timely delivery of information is crucial, but so is understanding what visibility customers need in their fleets and guaranteeing that information is trustworthy. The final piece in establishing a solid and foundational IT culture is creating and enabling customer success teams, like ours, that are experts in their field. This multi-faceted approach ensures our customers receive comprehensive visibility into their fleet’s metrics, along with the human support they need in real time.

IT evolution at Omnitracs

When we speak about the evolution of our IT organization, we refer to how we have continually evolved our talent, processes, and tools. We are a global team based across multiple countries and cultures built to support our customers across every time zone. We collaborate with all our business and engineering partners so the Omnitracs brand can delight our customers and exceed their expectations.

Ensuring our vendor partners are familiar with our industry challenges to provide technically sound and cost-efficient solutions to our customers is one of the critical ways we drive success. Valuable partnerships, like our collaboration with Red Hat, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft, enable us to innovate on platforms and provide real-time automated information and resources to our teams during any IT service interruption, so they can support Omnitracs customers in a tangible way. These partnerships connect internally to configure a web of IT intelligence for customers in their most trying of tech times. Anyone who has endured a service interruption most likely understands how critical reliable and efficient help is — both in terms of time and money.

A place for everyone

Growing and fostering a progressive IT culture that inventively contributes to our industry is dependent on the seasoned and new members of our teams. Just as our primary company goal — the crème de la crème of what pushes us forward every day — is to help our customers find their direction, our mirror goal is to help our teams find their own. If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity, want to be a part of a diverse and inclusive environment, and are dedicated to your craft, this is the place for you. We will mentor you and help you grow in a positive culture, so you can create solutions that leave you feeling proud to be in the technology arena.

Additionally, customers and potential future customers can utilize our IT approach to drive their own business goals. Our forward-thinking approach to IT is not a subset of Omnitracs — it’s what empowers our success. Evolving and fusing information and technology helps us put the pedal to the metal.

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