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Keep your benefits competitive with a commitment to health and wellness

Heidi Sutton - Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Omnitracs
Heidi Sutton
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Career paths don't look like they used to. As lifespans grow, and by extension, the amount of time we spend working, employees are much more comfortable hopping between opportunities to find the right fit. In fact, Gallup has found that millennials, in particular, are statistically less likely to stay with their current job. When polled, only half strongly agree that they'll be with the same company within a year – that means the other half is already likely looking for the door. 

For the trucking industry, this means that we need to rethink our approach to how we appeal to younger drivers. Specifically, emphasizing strategies that get them invested in their long-term commitment to the organization. This could mean training programs that give them the hands-on experience they need, but it can also mean crafting benefits packages that emphasize health and wellness. Millennials and Gen Z plan to be an active part of the workforce for the majority of their lives, so they value employers who play a role in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

As the latest part of our Summer Graduation series, check out a few ways to make health and wellness a part of your benefits strategy for drivers:

•    Physical: Drivers, like many workers in today's economy, spend a majority of their time sitting, so getting up and moving is a must. Exercise equipment in cabs is a strong option, but you can take it a step further by offering gym membership reimbursement with chains across core regions. That flexible access means they can keep themselves healthy wherever the road takes them. Since parking may be an issue at many gyms, consider including a per diem to cover the cost of taxiing or ridesharing between the cab and the gym.

•    Mental: Wellness doesn't just mean hitting the gym or watching what you eat; mental health is equally as crucial to lifestyle support. Guided meditation tapes can help drivers reduce anxiety or stress. But be sure to explore other external options, bringing in wellness coaches and experts for a more holistic approach to mental health.

•    Community building: Competition can be an incredible motivator, especially when rewards are involved. Make physical and mental wellness part of your driver community through things like weekly challenges, prizes, and leaderboards. It helps keep drivers accountable in a way that's fun and engaging.

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