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A message from Omnitracs CEO Ray Greer on justice and healing during this time

headshot of omnitracs ceo ray greer
Ray Greer
Chief Executive Officer

On May 25, George Floyd was robbed of his life. His senseless and unlawful death has since led to a series of protests across our country and a number of countries around the world. We as a nation are confronting the horrific notion that, although all people are created equal, not all are treated equally and afforded the same protections. As a result of this event — coupled with the many other instances of attacks and harassment on Black men, women, and children — our country is now coming face-to-face with justified feelings of immense grief and anger.

The pent-up pain of racial inequality has been brought to the forefront of a much-needed national conversation. It is a stark reminder that we must remain vigilant in standing together against racism and discrimination. Now, more than ever, we must foster a culture that fully acknowledges the just feelings of others while using privilege to advocate for the rights of those marginalized.  

We must resolve to affect change wherever we can — in our families, our neighborhoods, our schools, our places of worship, and in the workplace. Regardless of the physical distance that is between us all amid this pandemic, we must come together as one to embrace our differences, amplify marginalized voices, and strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As Robert Smith, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners said in a message to Vista CEO’s, “We may not be able to mend all the broken parts of our society immediately, but we can each contribute the love and understanding in our hearts and our souls to our families and our communities. Take the time to reach out to the communities that are grieving most and let them know that you support them, and we are one.”

At Omnitracs, we aim to foster a workplace of inclusion, belonging, and diversity. What these protests and the beginning stages of the national conversation have brought to light, however, is that the country still has a great deal of work to do. Here at Omnitracs, we are committed to doing our part by continuing to build a culture that thoroughly supports and amplifies people of color. We are committed to doing the work.   

As we focus our efforts and resources towards building a more inclusive and “more perfect union” within Omnitracs, we must commit to keeping the same dialogue going for as long as it takes to bring about real change within our communities.