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Mobile fleet-visibility can help you become more proactive and less reactive

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Chris Chappelear
Product Marketing Specialist

From drivers to customers to vehicles, fleet managers have an abundance of responsibilities. In this day and age, the buzz around fleet management is focused on how to make it as efficient as possible. Successfully optimizing the workflow for drivers and back-office teams ensures that managers aren’t left overwhelmed and overloaded.

While there has been much focus on enhanced telematics since the 90s, solutions are constantly changing and evolving with the times. For fleet managers, specifically, digitized management translates today to fleet visibility on a mobile device.

How going mobile helps fleet managers

As the workforce has changed and become abundantly more enabled by technology, so has the concept of what efficient management entails. When done right, mobile-workforce management is a full-bodied, on-the-go management solution that helps fleet managers feel equipped to handle various tasks away from their desks.  

Why is this necessary for fleets, especially? Today’s fleet manager is expected to do far more than sit behind a desk and answer customer phone calls. From regulations to maintenance to customer inquiries, they are now expected to manage an entire operation in a manner that’s in unison with today’s fast-paced, fast-moving communication expectations. 

How going mobile helps you gain enhanced asset visibility

The right desktop solution can provide you with prime visibility, and a mobile solution can enhance that experience. With a mobile application on your smartphone or tablet, you’re able to bring the benefits from a desktop solution to the palm of your hand. This form of visibility can significantly help you obtain the critical notifications you need in near real-time, so you can then see firsthand where drivers are and what workflow progress they’ve made per stop.

This kind of microscopic insight doesn’t just help you and your teams manage time; it also enables you to communicate with your customers as needed. When you’re able to quickly inform your customers of their order status, rather than have them continuously follow up with you, you leverage visibility into successful customer service.

There is a much-needed benefit to drivers, too

Concerning the driver experience for compliance customers, the right mobile fleet-visibility solution can enable fleet managers to sort by duty time and certify that drivers have balanced workloads. You can also assign unassigned workloads to available drivers, which not only helps provide drivers with additional time on the road but also helps you proactively get ahead of your last-minute customer orders.

In addition, enhanced mobile fleet visibility can help you see where there’s room for improvement concerning driving behavior. You can gain insight into critical exceptions, such as excessive idling, harsh braking, and going off-route, and provide drivers with the training they need to improve their performance. 

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