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Omnitracs launches a new Veterans' Employee Resource Community


Leadership, communication, and logistics are just a few key attributes veterans bring to an organization. We have always been committed to hiring veterans – but what happens after onboarding? Forrest Tyluki, our Manager of Talent Acquisition, is working with our Chief Operating Officer, Pat McCaffrey to help answer that question by launching a new Veterans' Employee Resource Community within Omnitracs.


Recently, Forrest and Sean Blue, who works with us as a Senior Talent Development Partner, shared their thoughts on the effort. "I'm hoping it will help veterans within the company learn how to translate better the skills they gained in the military into non-veteran roles. If we can do that, then self-promote, leadership throughout the organization could better understand how to utilize our skillsets."

Sean and Forrest, who both served in the United States Military, agreed upon the value veterans can bring - a tenacity to get the job done. Forrest highlighted that the veteran population is an extremely loyal one. "If you can give them a mission they can get behind, they will accomplish that mission no matter what, and will work to inspire that mentality in others throughout the organization."

"At the same time," Sean added, "non-veterans can inspire veterans to take a step back and ask questions before charging into a project."

According to a recent Edelman survey of 4,945 veterans, non-veterans, and employers on veterans’ well-being, there is a continued social disconnect between veterans and non-veterans. We're excited to see how our community will help bridge that gap and bring people together ­– veterans and non-veterans alike – to make our team even stronger for our customers.

To learn more about the current state of well-being for our country's veterans – and hopefully get inspired to find ways to assist veterans in your organization – read the Edelman survey here.

If you know a veteran looking to join a great team, send them to our careers page. We would be proud to engage with them!