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Omnitracs & Red Hat: Getting the digital transformation right

Kristen Maloney
Kristen Maloney
Content Specialist

When Kent Norton stepped into the role of Chief Technology Officer here at Omnitracs, priority number one was navigating the company’s digital transformation. We constantly focus on our goal to provide our customers with the security capabilities, flexibility, and scalability they need to reshape the way business is done today while setting the pace for future industry innovation. In order to continue doing this, we recognized the apparent need to move from juggling legacy technology platforms to utilizing a single, cloud-native environment.

The answer: partnering with Red Hat. Red Hat specializes in building and optimizing cloud-native solutions to automate technical processes. Our collaboration has and continues to streamline the technical and cultural development of our cloud-native Omnitracs One platform and help our organization embrace the opportunities of digital transformation.

We recently caught up with both Norton and Tim Cuny, Senior Services Principle for Red Hat, to discuss their takeaways on how the partnership has impacted the internal culture of Omnitracs. Here’s what we learned:

  • Customer-centricity. Digital businesses are flexible and often need to move at light speed. Furthermore, in the era of exceedingly high customer expectations, developing new capabilities and services needs to happen with the shortest lead-time possible. Through the cloud, Omnitracs can turn customer feedback into action quickly and efficiently.
  • New learning opportunities. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, engineers and developers are rethinking their skillsets for the power of the cloud. “We have such a talented team, and it was critical that we gave them the resources to become cloud-experts,” Norton explained. “That’s where Red Hat was invaluable, collaborating directly to help lay the foundation so we’re ready to take us into the future. Together we’re reimagining how we think about our tools.”
  • Culture of innovation. One of the most significant cultural shifts in the last ten years is the IT teams’ newfound role as a growth-driver, not just a cost center. Cloud architecture is built for innovators and forward thinkers, so Omnitracs engineers are empowered to experiment and explore new value for customers.

“A digital transformation has to be up, down, and sideways in an organization,” Cuny advised. “For Omnitracs, this transformation is never-ending.” Together, Omnitracs and Red Hat are preparing for the future of digital business. Check out Dawn Lein’s latest post Powering Fleets through cloud-native technology to learn more about cloud-native technology.