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Routing Solutions and ELD Certifications Improving Road Safety



Transport Canada formally announced enforcement of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate for federally regulated motor carriers in Canada will begin on June 12, 2022, and we are excited to announce that our Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) ELD has received the required third-party ELD certification. The good news for customers is that the updates to IVG are in the form of a software update. Owners of existing IVG Electric Logging Devices will be automatically upgraded to compliant HOS logging software over the air, while new IVGs are being sold with the software already installed.

ELD Certification Training Needs

Retraining in the use of the ELD for current users is minimal, though requirements of the Canadian ELD certification and associated technology's functionality do mean some changes were necessary to the IVG. We still offer the familiar simple user interface that fleet drivers and technology operators have come to appreciate from IVG. And as always, IVG is still an enterprise-grade solution, offering seamless integration with fleet-centric products from Omnitracs and others for back office improvements in your fleet management process.

The Next Chapter for Omnitracs and ELD Certifications

Omnitracs is dedicated to providing workable ELD and routing solutions as we move forward into a future where technology is increasingly applied to issues of safe transportation and overall driver safety on our roads. Internationally, fatigue is linked to as much as 20 percent of all commercial vehicle crashes. ELDs are designed as an essential component to driver safety in the commercial vehicle industry. The implementation and use of Electronic Logging Devices and the obtaining of ELD Certification makes it easy to accurately log drivers' Hours of Service, promoting compliance with the regulations intended to prevent driver fatigue while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

ELDs also promote driver efficiency by reducing time spent preparing compliant Records of Duty Status. An ELD can give drivers back an estimated 18 hours per year by freeing them of tedious paperwork. This benefit allows them to focus on completing important delivery-related tasks.

For motor carriers, ELDs provide data that, when combined with other data gathered from route optimization software and telematics devices, allows for the development of driver scorecards to assist with driver coaching. Driver coaching focuses both on recognizing exceptional driving habits and addressing behaviors that put the driver and public at risk. Of equal importance is the ability to manage performance against delivery expectations in near real-time.

Compliance is at the heart of everything we do at Omnitracs. We are proud to support Transport Canada in their goal to facilitate safer roads for everyone.