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Improve your business with truck dispatch, navigation, and routing software solutions

Cyndi Brandt
VP of Product Marketing

The driving force behind any successful fleet operation is the driver.

As such, devoting resources and company priorities toward shaping an efficient driver workflow and enhanced experience for drivers is imperative in ensuring that fleet companies of all shapes and sizes recruit and retain the right drivers for their operation.

To best ensure this, fleet professionals should shape much of their solutions’ culture around routing, dispatch, and navigation optimization.

Utilize robust routing solutions

Simply put, a good route is one that results in a good experience for a driver, meets customer time windows, and is efficient. An automated routing application with functionalities built for the present and future can equip back-office teams to execute day-ahead route planning swiftly.

Many businesses find themselves caught between trying to balance their commitment to exceptional customer service with what works best — route-wise — for their operation. With manual and outdated processes in place, these businesses can quickly find themselves caught on the far side of one focus area while almost completely neglecting the other.

A majority of the time, the best route is the balanced route. The back office can utilize their routing solution to create a route plan for drivers that makes the most geographical sense, caters to specific customer time windows, and reduces wasted costs associated with excess fuel usage. With enhanced routing, drivers can rest assured they are on the right path specific to their drive time.

Improve communication with route optimization and dedicated dispatching

Routing and dispatching are the bread and butter of any successful route planning strategy. While robust routing is typically reserved for the day ahead, the right dispatching application will take the plan created by your routing software and monitor what’s happening relative to that plan. This is especially essential when it comes to disruptions in route plans — which can happen often. When these disruptions occur, back-office teams can utilize heightened dispatching to ensure route sequences make the most sense when it comes to any changes, additions, or deletions to those sequences.

Connecting this back to the driver experience, the right solution to your dispatching needs benefits both the back office and driver, as it streamlines communication between both. With open communication and proactive alerts, both the driver and the back office know they’re receiving the most real-time insight into the route plan.

Avoid striking bridges with help from navigation

With the right routing and dispatching solutions by your side, you’re one ingredient away from having an optimized driving experience. You’ll find that ingredient with a turn-by-turn navigation application built for your fleet.

Not all navigation is built for commercial vehicles, which is why your teams must be utilizing navigation built for trucks. Without the right solution, your trucks could quite literally strike bridges. With them, your driver is routed along the shortest, safest, and most convenient path.

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