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The Power of Extended Recording and 360 Video

When fleets consider adding video-based safety, one of the biggest questions they face is whether to install road-facing and cab-facing, road-facing only, or adding additional cameras to capture rear and side incidents (360 view). For Mike Ferry of O&G Industries, it was a no brainer.

“We utilize the 360 feature because we are operating at low speeds in tight quarters when we do deliveries of either aggregates, concrete, asphalt, whatever it may be. When we are doing these deliveries without a third camera on the back of the truck, we are not going to have that footage to support what took place in reverse. We have a lot of back-up accidents. We want to try to eliminate those and the 360 has been able to help us with that.”

Mike Ferry - O&G Industries

O&G Industries is one of the Northeast’s leading providers of construction services and products. For over 90 years, it has completed some of the region’s most challenging projects and established itself as a leader in its industry. O&G has been consistently ranked as one of the country’s top 400 construction companies for 50 years.

The extra eyes on the road, and around the vehicle, that 360 provides gives fleets, like O&G, additional context for driving-related situations and ensures compliance for work being done outside the vehicle. This is particularly important considering that 35% of all collisions are side and rear incidents.

For O&G it’s not the big collisions, but rather, the smaller incidents that add up over time. In these instances, having Extended Recording helps Mike and the O&G team understand what actually occurred. “We’re able to use Extended Recording to get some items that we normally wouldn’t get. Low impact issues do not trigger events. If you can’t get that, then it’s lost footage, lost information, lost data. We are able to capture all that (with Extended Recording). Once we get a complaint or something happens, we say, ‘What time did that happen?’ We pull the footage, we review the footage and we act accordingly.”

In addition to ensuring O&G never misses a driving incident, Extended Recording ensures Mike gains additional pre and post insights to incidents and collisions, particularly those not covered by a standard video safety platform.

“You see who the good drivers are and who the people you have to work on are,” according to Mike. “There’s no grey anymore. It’s black and white, and we have the evidence to prove it.”