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Powering fleets through cloud-native technology

Dawn Lein Omnitracs
Dawn Lein
Sr. Director, Product Management

Businesses today are experiencing an unprecedented rate of change. Technology is evolving faster than ever, forcing organizations of all industries to rethink their approach to the most common of processes. Few of these shifts are having an impact like the move towards the cloud and away from legacy, on-premise systems. In fact, spending on cloud services is slated to rise from $39.5 billion this year to $63 billion through 2021.

Cloud systems typically fall within two camps – native or hosted. Cloud-native infrastructures, as the name implies, are built fully on the cloud, with all of its systems designed to maximize its flexible and agile nature. Cloud-hosted, however, isolates systems on a third-party network, mirroring traditional on-premise technology.

They might seem similar, but the difference can actually have a significant impact on your drivers and the entire organization. Here are just a few of the ways cloud-native technologies are helping organizations: increase digital flexibility, glean maximum insight and activate on opportunities in real time:

  • Greater application customization. Drivers are on the front line of your business, so turning their feedback and insight into new solutions is mission critical. Cloud-native systems enable you to create new tools with shorter lead times, to better improve day-to-day operations.
  • Resource optimization. Financial decisions makers are under growing pressure to ensure that every dollar spent is maximizing ROI. This can be tricky for organizations that have seasonal trends – why pay the overhead for a static, year-long license when you know usage is going to fluctuate? Cloud-native technology is cost-effective, so fleets are only paying for what they use. That frees up IT organizations to spend more on other strategic opportunities.
  • Shorter improvement cycles. Trucking companies need to keep up with the speed of business, so they can’t wait months and months for upgrades and changes to be implemented from a solution provider. The flexible nature of cloud-native means that technology is regularly improved so drivers and back-office teams aren’t lagging in their tools.

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