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Mar 7, 2016


Cyndi Brandt

Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Alliances

Roadnet Anywhere v3.9 is here with powerful new enhancements that provide a more holistic view of fleets, consolidating views of routing, dispatching, proof of delivery, telematics, customer notifications, and business analytics in one place. 

One of the biggest additions in the new version of Roadnet Anywhere is the ability to route, create, and optimize multi-day routes. These routes can be created automatically based on the orders you already have in the system, however the created routes can be edited manually to include layover rules such as information about hotel fees or equipment location restrictions. This is important as we support customers who seek optimization for longer, multi-day runs — not just same day and last mile routing.

Another important feature in Insight on the Roadnet Anywhere platform is truly flexible drilling. Most business intelligence tools force you to drill into your data one level at a time, in a pre-determined path. Now, Insight allows you to drill to any level of your data almost instantly, via the new drill-to menu. This menu outlines all the levels of your data allowing you to choose exactly where you wish to drill. An easy way to think about this is if previously, drilling was like walking down a staircase, Insight’s new, flexible drilling ability is like riding an elevator directly to your destination. 

Other exciting enhancements include:

  • Cross-platform products – The ability to manually draw new geofences in custom shapes. This means if one of your stops is a larger location than can fit into the standard geocoded area or has a particular shape, you can now manually draw where you would like the new parameters to reach.
  • Roadnet mobile – Now allows for workers to assign equipment using their mobile devices at the beginning of the day as well as if they switch equipment mid-day. This will help ensure accurate record of where each piece of equipment was used and by whom. 
  • Roadnet Insight – An improved filter for Key Performance Indicators allows you to sort by Operations Unit, giving you the ability to focus on specific units of your business at a time, whether these are depots or regions.  
  • Roadnet Telematics – New key fobs allow for different drivers to be associated with the same telematics devices. Since telematics devices are associated with the vehicle, it is difficult to differentiate the data from each driver. Now, drivers can scan their key fobs and that day’s data will be associated with them, as opposed to the vehicle.

For more detailed information on RNA v3.9, or to review all of the new features, contact us at

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