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Is Safety a Coincidence?

Recently, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and CarriersEdge announced the 2018 Best Fleets to Drive For. These for-hire trucking companies from across North America were recognized for providing exemplary work environments for their professional truck drivers and independent contractors. I’m happy to state that many of the winning fleets use the SmartDrive program as a mainstay of their safety program including: Boyle Transportation, Central Oregon Truck Co., Nussbaum Transportation, Smokey Point Distributing and TLD Logistics Services. Congratulations!

A multitude of criteria is used to select these Best Fleets. Although not a specific criteria for selection, many fleets – in addition to those listed above – make safety a priority. Not only does it save lives and reduce overall fleet costs, but as we talk with drivers, more and more are placing a fleet’s safety program as a priority when deciding for whom they’re going to drive. They know that if a fleet puts safety first, they’ll also put their drivers first.

Drivers I’ve spoken to mention that in-cab video is an important criteria – for their protection and those around them. Video is quickly becoming the central focus of a fleet’s safety program. And, as video safety becomes an industry norm, more and more drivers are opting to drive only for fleets that have it.

“I think it’s a great idea to have video safety in the trucks. Given the road conditions and areas our routes go through, trucks are always a target. This is something on our side, working to protect us.”
– Sheldon McAfee, Decker Truck Line driver, 18-year commercial driver

“I was reluctant to have the in-cab camera installed in my truck. I thought it was just constantly streaming video. But after learning more about the system and fully understanding that it is only triggered to record based on my driving or if I choose to record something happening on the road around me, I’m 100 percent behind having them onboard. It’s comforting to know the video is there in case of an incident to help defend me. At the end of the day, we all want to be better, safer drivers.”
– John Steele, a driver for Fraley & Schilling and 15-year veteran behind the wheel

Drivers appreciate the consistent coaching that comes with a video-based safety program. They also appreciate that video is there to protect them by providing insight into their driving habits. Certain habits are not permissible by law and others are not permissible by company policy. Video ensures drivers abide by laws and policies so the number of potential collisions and jobsite incidents are reduced – protecting lives and saving money. It also helps them maintain their CDL.

Best fleet and video safety – coincidence? I don’t think so. Nor do the winning fleets.












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