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Saluting our veterans, on and off the road


Commitment, teamwork, innovative thinking, and problem solving. For veterans of the United States armed services, these qualities are just part of the job. These men and women who give of themselves in service to our nation represent the best of us, and we are proud to honor them this Veterans Day.

If you are looking for ways to support these armed heroes, there’s always something that can be done. While there are around 21 million veterans serving in the civilian workforce, there’s an unemployment rate of 3.2 percent among veterans. Their unmatched skills make them ideal candidates for any industry, and the trucking industry has been especially committed to ensuring that every veteran has an opportunity when they end their term of service. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, one out of every ten drivers is a veteran – double the rate for most industries.

Here’s why veterans make some of the best drivers:

  • Experience with technology. The United States armed services operates with the very latest in advanced technology. Job training in the US military means quickly getting comfortable with the latest and greatest —like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and medical solutions — and putting it to work. As fleets and cabs become smarter, that experience becomes invaluable. They’re not just quick adopters of new solutions — they are resources and leaders to other civilian drivers.
  • A team-first mindset. One of the first lessons imparted on members of the military is the importance of teamwork. Whether it be in combat or on base, they need to be able to work well with and rely on their unit. In trucking, that unit translates to the driver-fleet manager relationship. As data becomes an increasingly important shared resource between drivers and fleet managers, being able to communicate and collaborate effectively will help keep freight moving into the future.
  • Coolness under pressure. When serving in the armed services, veterans are faced with a variety of challenging situations – of which no two are alike. The ability to think critically when presented with a new problem is a blueprint that veterans can carry with them through the rest of their lives. Truck drivers face their own set of unique challenges — like unpredictable weather and a changing regulatory environment. With military service under their belt, they’re well suited to tackling any situation head-on.

We caught up with Forrest Tylutki, an Omnitracs employee and a veteran of the United States Army. Of his military experience, Tylutki shared this with us: “There is a maturing, a gaining of focus, and a drive to accomplish the mission that gets instilled in a veteran unlike anything else out there. They train people to succeed because success is the only option.”

To learn more about how veterans can begin a career in transportation, visit the FMCSA’s website for a full list of driver programs. We at Omnitracs wish a very warm Veterans Day to all service members in the trucking community and beyond!