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Stacy Sadar: Saving Lives in Ohio … One Fleet at a Time

Stacy SadarStacy Sadar, Regional Sales Manager at SmartDrive, was recently named to the Ohio Trucking Association’s (OTA) Board of Directors. Focusing on enhancing the public image and economic growth of its members by promoting safety, innovation and professionalism, OTA is the voice for hundreds of fleets. Stacy is one of those voices supporting the fleets that drive America, so we wanted to know … what drives Stacy?

SmartDrive: Tell us about yourself.

Stacy: I’m a down-to-earth honest person, which carries into both my personal and professional life. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask. I love the outdoors and would rather be in jeans, work boots and a flannel over business clothes any day. I missed the first turkey shoot of the season to be at the OTA Annual Conference, but that’s okay since we have nine more weeks left! By the time I was 18, I had been to – and explored – 42 states. As of today, I’m only missing Alaska and Hawaii.

SD: How did you get into trucking?

SS: As a kid, I always wanted to be a truck driver and it had to be a Peterbilt (although I might have settled for a Mack). I felt I needed a mean-looking truck as a woman in trucking! I started at UPS directly out of high school while I worked my way through college. I worked in operations, sales, management and drove (but never the Peterbilt that I wanted). I only left the industry for two years and it was the unhappiest years of my life. So much so that I had to get back to my people in trucking.

SD: What do you love about the trucking industry?

SS: I enjoy the honesty and integrity of the people in the trucking industry. They’re down-to-earth, hardworking and enjoy the struggles and successes they have achieved. They’re my kind of people because I grew up the same way.

SD: How long have you been with SmartDrive?

SS: I started in June 2018. My plan is to retire from here!

SD: What do you like about SmartDrive, your job and your customers?

SS: Whenever I am challenged by a situation, I find it extremely satisfying that I can call on people within my organization to assist our customers. We work together as a team and that’s something I take pride in and enjoy.

I absolutely thrive when I have a tight territory covering all levels of customers. In previous jobs, I’ve had the 18-state territory where, with so many customers, they get lost in a large area. Since I only have Indiana and my home state of Ohio today, I can drive everywhere and see people without having to spend days of travel. Most importantly, it’s allowed me to develop strong relationships with my customers and the state associations. I enjoy volunteering my time to help the associations, but more importantly, I love the friendships I’ve made. For my customers, it is very rewarding to present the best safety program in the industry. It helps me solve their problems, while also helping them save money and be the safest fleets on the road.

SD: What do you see as the biggest challenges to today’s fleets?

SS: As is with every year, it’s the lack of available professional drivers, coupled with rising insurance, and now the fight against nuclear verdicts.

SD: What inspires you?

SS: Professionally, I thrive on complex enterprise strategic solution sales. I really enjoy understanding a company’s business and determining how we can help solve its problems and fill the gaps. Developing relationships is key to not only helping me grow, but also to helping others grow through being a better, safer, more cost-effective fleet.  When you build the right relationships and work together, that old saying “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” really comes into play to make everyone successful.

Tackling complex projects, as I do in my professional life, is big with me personally too. I’m cheap or thrifty (you decide on the term), so I tend to fix many things myself versus calling a repair person. I’ve fixed so many of our appliances that I should have been a repairman!

SD: If you could tell a customer one thing today, what would it be?

SS: Embrace your employees to ensure their future success … safety, training, mentoring, etc. It’s a challenge to find quality drivers/employees and you need to grow that opportunity when you find it. Make them feel part of your family, not just an employee.

SD: What would 10-year-old Stacy think about today’s Stacy?

SS: She’d be proud of the fact that, through hard work and diligence, I am what I am and that’s all that I am! J  I think she would be proud of where I am in life.

SD: If you could, what would you tell 10-year old Stacy to prepare her for Stacy today?

SS: When you find what you want to be when you grow up, chase it hard, learn all you can and always do your best – you will succeed. If you don’t know the answer, go find it as it will make you a better person.

SD: What’s one thing you did in your life that prepared you for what you’re doing today?

SS: I had a strong parental upbringing that helped me to become an independent forward-thinking person, but the one thing that prepared me the most is United Parcel Service. There is no doubt that all I learned at UPS, and the mentors I had while there, molded me into who I am as a person. From the Hines Story of making sure you have all the answers to the hard work and teaching me how to drive using Smith Systems – which has saved my life many times over – I thank UPS every day for teaching me to be a loyal employee, an exceptional salesperson who can sell the value of the most expensive product, and a confident manager who has the ability to teach others how to be successful.

SD: Lastly, Stacy, what brings you joy?

SS: Professionally: I love working with customers who present challenges where I can help them solve their problems and bring them to a better place economically. I’m inspired by developing solutions to their problems and will work tirelessly for my customers as if I worked for them. I am motivated to assist customers with determining what they need today, while planning for their future needs as well.

Personally, my animals bring me joy. I’ve always been an animal lover and grew up with a variety – cats, dogs, horses, snakes, and others that you’d only find in a zoo. My dad was a biology teacher, so we ended up with all the animals kids brought home that their parents didn’t want them to have. I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I am way too emotional when I can’t save an animal. My husband calls me Stacy Doolittle because I talk to the animals; I have that kind of connection.

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