Sep 16, 2015



It’s not always easy to know if the current processes in use are fully supporting your operational needs. Sure, you’re getting the job done, but is it being done efficiently and cost-effectively?  Bushell Transport had this very same question, and it wasn’t until a recommendation of Sylectus came from one of their software providers, Border Connect, that they realized they needed a transportation management system (TMS).

Bushell Transport is stationed in Acheson Alberta, Canada, and specializes in long haul, heavy haul, and irregular route LTL in 10 provinces and in 48 U.S. states. Committed to its mission of first class equipment transport, it services customers that have oversize and overweight cargo.  Whether the cargo is wide, high, heavy or all three combined up to 75 tons, its drivers are up for the task!

Bushell Transport selected Sylectus as its TMS provider and has been using Sylectus Pro since 2008. Prior, they were using a combination of paper logs and satellite dispatch, and felt like they were hobbling through each load because they couldn’t tie all of their operational needs together. Sylectus Pro changed that and ties it all together, where everything is done instantly and efficiency is through the roof. Bushell Transport is also able to integrate the Sylectus system with its other technology, such as QuickBooks and Omnitracs’ Hours of Service. The fleet has the MCP200 installed across its trucks, and it’s a huge benefit for dispatchers to know what hours have been driven and what are still available.

Given its unique cargo, customers are always asking, ‘where is my freight?’ Before implementing Sylectus, Bushell Transport had to spend time locating and confirming status of cargo, which was time consuming and costly. Today, it’s an easy task, as the Sylectus system tells the customer exactly what is happening and where their load is. Not only is this a huge benefit to keeping customers satisfied, but is also helps offload the work on Bushell Transport’s operations.

Grant Glattacker has been at the helm of the fleet since 2001 as president and CEO of the company, and has doubled the business! Surprisingly, with such a large operation, he is able to operate with a relatively small office staff and hasn’t had to increase the organizational structure. He attributes this to Sylectus and its ability to help manage the volume.

Bushell Transport has been able to push the limits of heavy hauling thanks to its specialized trucks and equipment, and its skilled drivers. We’re pleased to know that we help contribute to their success and in ensuring customer satisfaction with each load.

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